We’re so excited today to celebrate Melanie & Adam’s first anniversary as Mr. & Mrs.! These two beautiful souls married at one of our favorite all time venues, the incomparable Clifton Inn in Charlottesville this past Fall.

We in absolute disbelief that it’s already been a year, but congratulations again, you two! We loved getting to see a few of your favorite images from your celebration. The image Bill captured of Donovan watching you walk down the aisle, Melanie, is one of our all time favorites. Anne still remembers Bill’s excitement when he told her shortly after your ceremony what he had gotten. Sometimes you just know. Same with the photo Anne took of you both dancing under the stars at the end of the evening. We had such a wonderful time with you both, not only that day, but in the months leading up to your wedding as well, and we’re even more thrilled getting to stay in touch now and hearing about all the exciting adventures you have going on. Stay tuned for some more of our favorites from your truly delightful day! xoxo….a&b

Hi Bill & Anne! It was so hard to pick out our favorites–there are so many photos we love!  We were amazed at your ability to capture the big moments, and the smaller, more intimate moments, of our special day.  Here are our selections:


This was when they announced us for the first time at our reception.  This photo completely sums up how excited we were to be married!
The way you were able to capture the sunlight streaming in through the trees is simply stunning.
We love how you captured part of Clifton Inn and also captured just how happy we were to be husband and wife.
When I look about this photo, I just remember getting in the limo, sighing in relief, and getting to really look at my wife for the first time. Everything before that was such a blur, and it was this amazing moment to finally look at my wife for the first time. 
This was just fun. Donovan was so excited about our wedding that he made us practice walking down the aisle a few days before. I love that this picture let’s us kind of see the day through his eyes.
Our wedding was wonderful. For all the stress and expense, it came out better than I could have imagined. It was so full of love. I think you can see in this photo the culmination of what we were feeling. Just pure emotion coming out. 
I love this photo with my mom and the emotion you can see on both our faces.
I remember being so happy the entire night, and this photo perfectly captures exactly how I was feeling.
This picture was the last of the night, right after our sparkler exit.  And again, all I can think about when I see this photo is happiness!