New Feature Album for Kate & Andrew

New Feature Album for Kate & Andrew

Kate and Andrew, whose wedding we photographed at Clifton Inn last year (and whose Georgetown engagement portraits we did), are in town visiting family, and we’re having dinner tonight to catch up. So we thought it’d be the perfect time to share pictures of their recently-delivered wedding album. We loved their selections–really told the story of the day. They also got a pair of parents’ copy albums based on the identical photos and layout of their main album. Their parents are probably thinking they raised good kids right about now, don’t you think?






A sample of one of their parents’ albums.


Tammy & Andrew’s Feature Wedding Album

It’s album time of the year – one of our favorite times of year! We been getting several big boxes full of goodness delivered and it’s still like Christmas morning opening them and seeing and feeling the stunning hand-crafted finished product in our hands.

We recently delivered a magnificent, classic matted album to Tammy & Andrew with soft white matting, white frame liner around the photos and a tasteful yet strong silver bengaline cover. It has just just the right amount of sparkle.

They picked so many great images and it’s alway fun to flip through as we do our QA check before sending it off. As you can imagine, seeing the layouts digitally just can’t do it justice. They are quite literally a piece of art. But even better is that’s a family archive which will passed down for generations to come. In this digital world, it’s still so important to print your favorite photos where the power of a wedding album is, well, powerful.







Tammy-Andrew_album_K7B8787 Tammy-Andrew_album_K7B8785 Tammy-Andrew_album_K7B8782


New Feature Wedding Album for Kaitlyn & Mark

Kaitlyn and Mark, married on a gorgeous Fall day in Washington, DC recently celebrated their first year anniversary with a gorgeous and incredibly meaningful gift to each other–a new feature wedding album! They received it, along with two copy albums for their parents, just before Christmas so now we’re excited to share a little peek of it with you.

K&M chose our contemporary digital coffee table album and chose some fantastic images, along with our photo suggestions, to go inside. If you’re a Holland Photo Arts client and are interested in getting the digital coffee table album for yourselves, drop us a note. Now is a great time of year to order one, as we can get them out to you much faster during the off season!







New Feature Album for Misty & Roby

New Feature Album for Misty & Roby

Remember the fab duo Misty & Roby who created a wedding ceremony in the round at the spacious Mellon Auditorium? We’re happy to have finished their wedding album, a contemporary matted one, and of course took pictures as we were shipping it off to them. Enjoy it, you two!







It also included two copy albums for their respective parents:


New Feature Album for Caitlin & Jed

We’re happy to share two recent feature albums we created for our lovely clients. First up is Caitlin & Jed, and for whom we suggested this durable yet beautiful deep blue buckram cover. It matched their wedding so well.

If you haven’t asked us to create an album for your wedding, now’s a great time to make something you can pass along to your children and grandchildren when the time comes.







Evan & Ashleigh’s New Feature Albums (Two Volume Set!)

Evan & Ashleigh’s New Feature Albums (Two Volume Set!)

We like this recent string of being present with our clients (now friends in many cases) when they see their feature albums for the first time. One of our last dinners in Charlottesville was spent at  one of our favorite C’ville haunts, Brookville with a couple we absolutely adore, Evan & Ashleigh. We were also able to show them their two-volume album set, and it was wonderful seeing them react to the moments from their wedding day depicted in the albums.







The barkeep was kind enough to take our picture afterward (thanks, Instagram).



Liz & Paul’s New Feature Album

Liz & Paul’s New Feature Album

We so rarely get to deliver wedding albums in person to our clients, so we were thrilled to be able to do so twice recently! The first was with Liz & Paul’s, whose engagement session or  wedding at Meridian House you may remember, as well as their recent feature on Martha Stewart Weddings. They’re currently out enjoying the world, quite literally, having chucked their careers, albeit temporarily, to travel around the world. We can’t wait to see them when they return to the States to see us here in scenic Boulder. In the meantime, here are a few pics of them looking through their album for the first time, reliving the moments of their wedding day.




The power of a wedding album

The power of a wedding album

We returned from LA last week after taking care of the final arrangements for two of my aunts who passed away on the Holland side of the family. These two women were the last of any generation that came before me, and now that Anne and I have only our siblings, one niece, one nephew, and a few cousins remaining it’s become increasingly important to spend time with them.

When we were going through my aunt Marcia’s items, Annie found an album filled with professional photographs from my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary party, held when I was two. I was in several of the photos, interacting with my grandparents (my dad had passed away one month prior, so I never really knew him unfortunately). Seeing those moments of levity and celebration, especially in light of my family’s recent loss, was an incredible feeling. This album, along with another my grandmother had put together featuring their travels to China early in the last century along with photos of many of my ancestors, is now one of my most cherished possessions. My new MacBook Pro is pretty great, but it doesn’t stand a candle next to that.

So while we’re always happy when our clients invest in albums for themselves, we know deep inside the greater value is going to lie in our clients’ descendants viewing of these images many decades and perhaps centuries down the road, and the connections they’ll be able to place to our clients. It’s also why we spend so much time at a wedding focusing on those little moments with family. The photo of me on my granddad’s lap with a broad smile on my face at their anniversary party is perhaps my favorite photo of me, ever.

I’m expressing all this not to say you, dear client, need to have us create a Feature Album for you, even though we choose our craftsmen based on their talent, experience, and ability to create a piece of art that will withstand the test of time. It’s best to create something…even if it’s something you create yourselves. Create it not just for yourselves, but for your own kids and eventually, for theirs.



New Feature Album for Sara & Tony’s Parents

New Feature Album for Sara & Tony’s Parents

No one ever said parents had to settle for a smaller copy album or even a beautiful, albeit smaller, parents album for themselves, right? Sara’s parents, following Sara’s marriage to Tony, just couldn’t bring themselves to select only a few photographs documenting their kids’ wedding celebration for their own album. Instead, Sara & Tony got their own full-sized feature album, and so did Sara’s mom and dad. We love it, and hope you do too. Have a great weekend, everybody!

Feature album

Feature album

Feature album

Feature album

Feature album

Stephanie & Shane’s New Feature Album

Stephanie & Shane’s New Feature Album

Hey everyone, if you’re close by, you’re probably hangout out by the fireplace while the snow falls all around you today. It’s been a wonderfully relaxing morning looking out to watch it all. We’re also pretty excited to share with you a new feature album for Stephanie & Shane from their wedding at Veritas Vineyards. It’s covered with an incredibly supple soft brown leather and we love how it turned out. Enjoy!

Feature Album

Feature Album

Feature Album

Stephanie & Shane’s parents also picked up their own copy albums made from the same covering.

Feature Album

Feature Album

New Feature Album for Liz & Andras

New Feature Album for Liz & Andras

Welcome back! By now you’re probably dreaming about hitting the highway for some new adventure this weekend, so let’s start that daydreaming now. We so loved our time with Liz & Andras last fall at their wedding and just delivered their new silk-covered feature album. Lovin’ it!


New Feature Album for Liz & Jon

New Feature Album for Liz & Jon

Happy Friday everyone! We hope you all have great plans for the weekend and whatever activities you’re enjoying, that the weather holds out. We have a couple of feature albums we’d love to highlight today, the first one is for Liz & Jon, whose wedding you remember from last Spring. Utter gorgeousness, and that supple leather cover is soooo soft to the touch. It’s definitely a favorite.


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