Happy Anniversary to Jenn & Mike

’tis the season to begin celebrating one year anniversaries with our clients, and we’re happy today to share Jenn & Mike’s favorites from a year ago this month. They celebrated their wedding, at the gorgeous Clifton Inn with decor and event design by Simply Chic Events, with a tight group of friends and family. As always it was fun connecting again and seeing which images they selected as their favorite moments from the day’s celebration.

Mike’s faves:


Mike chose this picture because of the way it captured the season and beautiful setting. The light conveys such warmth, peacefulness+hope for good things to come.


Mike loves the way this one captures our reactions during his dad’s toast, which was one of the most touching moments of our celebration.

Jenn’s faves:


I love the way this picture captures the bouquet and details of my dress.  When I look at it, it reminds me of how absolutely light+happy I felt that day.


I love my dad+am so appreciative of all he does for us. You guys captured a special moment between us that I will always cherish.

Joint faves:


We both remember thinking “OMG WE’RE MARRIED!!!!!” It was such an exciting feeling! We were literally dancing on our way out of the chapel!



We both love this picture! I remember laughing sooo hard when Mike ate the cake instead of giving it to me. There were countless fun moments like this–it was such a happy day!

(Editor’s note: we added the first  picture above to see Mike actually totally neglecting his new wife’s cake needs. 😉

Congratulations on your first anniversary, you two!


Happy anniversary: Alex & Sean

Happy anniversary: Alex & Sean

There are parties, and then there are parties. Alex and Sean and their families were very much in the latter camp. Whew! I think we’re still tired from all those festivities at Richmond’s Jefferson Hotel. They had such a wonderful mix of passion and unflappability equally reflected in their families. We had so much fun documenting their day, and can neither confirm nor deny that, at their absolute insistence, we did a shot with the couple. We touched based recently to see how their first year of marriage has been:

During our first year of marriage, we learned a lot of about love and relationships. Of course, it was not all rainbows and sunshine, but those are the moments that make us stronger and reinforce our commitment to one another. We can honestly say after a year, we are more in love now than the day of our fairytale wedding. And that is quite impressive. To many more with Cory in tow….

Alex’s faves:



Sean’s faves:



Their joint faves:





Congratulations, you two!

Happy anniversary: M&Z

Happy anniversary: M&Z

We had a pretty full autumn season last year and have two more wedding anniversaries to celebrate with you today! Here’s the first one, from M&Z’s vow renewal in rural Virginia, set among the rolling hills. So quiet, so peaceful, so far from the hustle and bustle of the city. We really enjoyed it with the two of them and chatted recently to discover some of their favorite images and moments from the day.


This is one of M’s all time favorites because she’s an artist and painting runs in her family and she thinks this is like a painting!


We love this pic!  it’s so dreamy… it captures the feel of our rustic wedding and we love the perspective!


This is one of M’s favs because again I love the b&w feel of it and I love the tree perspective and the comfort and love captured between us


This is one of Z’s favs because he loves the way the field and background were captured and the artistic nature of the picture.


This is a joint fav of ours because the entire cake dance part was so fun at our wedding… traditionally only a few young women do the persian cake dance but M’s guy cousins wanted to be funny and joined in just to get some money… but so many people ended up doing it that we ran out of bills!  We love the expression on my cousin’s face and he’s the fun one who traveled all the way from Iran to be at our wedding.  Lastly, we love this pic because it reminds us of how Bill got on top of the window area to capture this perspective!


This is one of Z’s favorites… he loves the balance and reminds him of how Mahsa wrote on this window and also it shows our rings.

Congratulations, you two!

Happy Anniversary: Becky & Joe

What a fun, eclectic couple! Becky & Joe are headed off to a faraway land (shhhh…it’s a secret) to celebrate their anniversary, but we caught up with them shortly before they took off on their flight, and asked them about some of the photos from their wedding day they thought were the most fun. Here were their faves:

Their joint favorites:


This sums up the DC setting of the wedding (and our lives) as well as our shared sense of humor, which is part of the reason why we love being together.


This picture perfectly captures how much fun we were having that night, singing the words to every song at the top of our lungs and getting to share our joy and excitement with all of our favorite people. We will never forget that.

Joe’s favorites:


The split second before one of the happiest moments of my life.


The four of us have taken this same picture at every event we’ve been to together since prom our junior year of high school.

Becky’s favorites:


There’s nothing like a good jumping picture, plus I still love how great our wedding party looked.


 I have about 8 chins in this picture, but I still love it to pieces because it reminds me of how surrounded by love I felt that day, both from all our friends and family and from my amazing husband.

Congratulations, you two!

Happy Anniversary: Liz & Paul

Happy Anniversary: Liz & Paul

Sometimes our clients move after they marry, sometimes they change jobs, and sometimes they ditch it all (or at least a lot of it) and head out to faraway lands. We managed to connect with our dear friends Liz & Paul, a couple of months after they left for their around-the-world trip, to reminisce and tell us about some of their favorite moments from their wedding day at historic Meridian House. Enjoy!

Liz’s favorites:


It makes a girl feel good to know that someone is this happy to see her. And that he loved my wedding dress (like there was any question).


Just a wonderful, sweet picture of me and my Dad.

Paul’s favorites:


This picture captures everything.  Liz’s reaction to her brother’s speech, my reaction to Liz with my arm around her.  In my mind, this is the best picture of them all.


Our first dance.  I was in charge of the music selection and unlike other planning points, I didn’t receive any push-back from Liz on my choices.  The look on our faces says it all.

Their joint favorites:


This picture shows how happy we were to be officially married, and how relieved we were that nothing went wrong during the ceremony!


Just reminds us of how wonderful and heartfelt the speeches were.


What a great way to end the best day ever!!

Best day ever indeed! Congratulations, you two!

Happy anniversary: Wambui & Zack

Happy anniversary: Wambui & Zack

In our second anniversary celebration this week, we connected with sweet Wambui & Zack, who tied the knot amid much cultural flavor and a good bit of DIY in rural Virginia. They had a hard time narrowing down their favorite moments from the day, and it’s always interesting to us to see how theirs and ours overlap (or not). Here’s what the happy couple had to say about their first year of marriage and the experience of looking through their images another time.

Oh my gosh! It’s a testament to your talent that it took us an hour to pick our favorite photos. And we use the term ‘favorite’ loosely, because you guys did an AMAZING job –  whether it was capturing the tiny, easy to miss details like a grasshopper on my wedding gown, or awesome guest antics like our pageboys passed out on the grass after playing 40 straight minutes of tag!

In the end, we selected four photos that remind us of why we got married in the first place and why we’re looking forward to a lifetime together! Hahaha! Cheesy, but true. Year One has been AWESOME!

Wambui’s faves:


How dapper does my hubby look? …Seriously, this photo stirs memories of the schoolgirl giddiness I felt the first time I met Zack.


The wedding nerves were starting to set in, and it was greatl to have my aunt and sister there to keep things in perspective (and to make sure I didn’t walk down the aisle half-dressed)! 

Zack’s fave:


This photo captures how beautiful my wife is and reminds me what a lucky man I am.

Their joint fave:


Still in awe at how beautifully you captured such an intimate and joyful moment!

Congratulations, you two!

Happy anniversary: Kimberly & Mike

Happy anniversary: Kimberly & Mike

We have two anniversaries to share with you in the next couple of days. First up is an adorable couple, Kimberly & Mike, who celebrated their wedding vows in an historic church on the waterfront in North Carolina. The invitation to their guests did not happen to mention there was no roof on said church, it was so old. But we loved shooting in and around it for their intimate wedding, and their guests enjoyed something new and different (just like Kimberly & Mike), and we’re happy to share some of their favorite moments from the day with you.

Kimberly’s favorites:


Handsome, thoughtful, circumspect Mike.


Mike shows off his newly-married ring finger.


Mike having an intense, important conversation with a baby. He’s kinda like this with our dog, too.

Mike’s favorites:


That was an instant after our first look at each other, and I still remember the moment vividly. The excitement, the nervousness, and the astonishment that this absolutely beautiful woman was going to be my wife in a few hours. The dress had been a mystery up to this point, and I was absolutely blown away by the wonderful job that Kimberly, Antoni and Laura had done putting it together.


The other winner for me. Bill absolutely rocked the infrared in that shot.


Another favorite. I don’t know if Kimberly was blowing a kiss or giving thanks, but that’s the smile that never fails to warm my heart.

Congratulations, you two!

Happy Anniversary: Shraddha & Samir

Happy Anniversary: Shraddha & Samir

We love reconnecting with clients on their anniversary,  learning how they’re living their lives together, and of course for a bit of nostalgia as they remember their favorite moments from their wedding day. Such was with Shraddha and Samir, who enjoyed a multi-day wedding tied to their Indian culture a year ago. Here’s what they had to say about the day.

Shraddha’s faves:


I remember this moment perfectly, thinking to myself how ridiculously happy I was and how I couldn’t wait to start my life with Samir!


This one I love! I knew my parents were just as excited about me marrying Samir as I was, but I think this photo made me realize why. My parents have been married for 31 years now, and have always had so much love and support for each other. I think this photo shows just how much in love they still are and how happy they are for me to have found that with Samir.

Samir’s faves:

This is a picture of when I first arrived and Shraddha’s parents were leading me down to the mandup (altar).  Other than the memory of the moment, I just simply love this picture.  The light coming through the trees as we walk through, what looks like a rain forest. The picture captures the moment perfectly.


This is a picture of Shraddha just after they dropped the sheet and I was able to see her for the first time on our wedding day.  That in itself makes it a memorable picture for me, but the picture also captured the comedy of that moment.  As they dropped the sheet between us and we saw each other, Shraddha’s nose was running.  In the midst of this moment of nervous excitement, this gave us both a good laugh and I think helped us remember to relax and enjoy the day!

Collective favorites:

This picture captures the moment where Shraddha and I raced to sit down, the winner having the upper hand in the relationship from then forth.  Depending on which one of us you ask this picture either captures a victorious Shraddha or a Shraddha that jumped the gun.


This picture was taken just after the wedding ceremony and shows the excitement and joy that, not only we were feeling, but our parents as well.


This is probably our favorite picture from the weekend.  It captures how happy we were in that moment, as well as the promise of our journey ahead together.

Congratulations, you two!

Happy Anniversary: Jessi & Joey

Good deal! We’re so happy today to share the anniversary of Jessi & Joey, such a sweet and genuine couple. You may remember the engagement session we shot with them at the high school where they first met and began dating, and now, holy cow!, it’s been over a year already. We’ve been chatting with them off and on throughout the past year and it’s always a delight to connect with such gracious and friendly people. Of course they shared their favorite moments from their wedding day with us…

Joey’s favorites:


One year later, I can say this captures our marriage in a nutshell.  Jessi looks wonderful and super classy, but has also conveniently pawned her bouquet off on me.  Ever the gentleman, I was more than glad to help her down the stairs, and whisk her off to an awesome party and fantastic life together.


Not a lot of people get asked to be the best man when they’re 12 years old, but my little brother stepped up to the plate and did an exceptional job.  I love that you can see the effort he put into nailing his toast, and it is just one example of how he acted well beyond his years during the entire weekend.

Jessi’s favorites:


I love this picture because it captures all of the love and kindness we were surrounded by on our wedding day.  This is such a great way to document my Dad walking me past my best friends to meet my (then) future husband at the end of the aisle.


This is one of my all-time favorites for so many reasons.  Not only does it show the moment that we looked at each other after walking out of the church and saying something like, “Hey!  We just got married!” – but it also highlights the summer day and the architecture we loved so much at Monumental Church.

Their joint favorites:


This is such a well-captured, genuine moment.  We had just made it outside after processing out of the church and had a few brief seconds to reflect before being bombarded with love by our friends and family.


Our wedding was certainly romantic and beautiful, but we love looking back on how much fun we had as well.  To quote our DJ, “I’ve never worked a wedding where the guests hit the dance floor between courses.”

As for our first year of marriage, we are comfortable there will be a second, and if all goes right, a few more after that.  We have temporarily satisfied the future grandparents’  baby craze with a new addition to our family, a puppy named Lily.  Adopting her in February may have put a damper on our newlywed bliss, but luckily she’s pretty cute.

For our anniversary, our parents gifted us a stay at The Jefferson, which was a wonderful way to celebrate our first year of marriage.  You know how we feel about Richmond and Virginia, so getting to stay in such a historic (and luxurious!) landmark was such a wonderful treat.

Congratulations, you two!

Happy anniversary: Megan & Jack

Happy anniversary: Megan & Jack

Wow, it’s hard believing it’s already been a year since we shot Megan & Jack’s wedding in Washington, DC’s APhA. One of our favorite moments from their day was when they saw each other for the first time that day. They decided to “reenact” their first date, with Jack walking up the sidewalk to the front door, where they saw each other. It was really sweet, especially watching Megan’s cheering section, looking on in the background. We recently caught up with the happy couple to find out some of their own favorite moments. Here’s what they had to say.

It’s been a great year. A week after our wedding, we left for a month long voyage to Bhutan, India, and the Maldives. The day after we returned from that trip, we found a townhouse in DC that we fell in love with and bought. I started a new job, and my sister had her gorgeous daughter whom she was very pregnant with at our wedding in mid July. Now we are just working on the house and enjoying! We aren’t sure what we are doing this weekend yet as we are always a bit last minute with our plans, but we are thinking of driving into Va. wine country for a night and relaxing at a B&B.

As for wedding pictures, it’s hard to pick favorites. You did such an amazing job capturing all our loved ones in their truest, happiest forms, I want to pick them all! But here goes…

Joint favorites:


This one we just had to frame.


The high five just happened. This walk down the aisle was so much fun.

Megan’s favorites:


I love this one of Jack holding me up, because even though you can’t really see either of our faces, I know I probably have the hugest grin on and I just remember being so happy in that moment.


I loved the sparkler exit and I LOVE Jack’s face in this picture. I can tell how hard he is laughing and I love that about this image.

Jack’s favorites:


We are such goofs, enough said.


Jack loves this one of me and his friends. Who knows what was said right before this picture was taken.

Congratulations, you two!

Happy anniversary: Jess & Mark

Happy anniversary: Jess & Mark

Much like life, you form stronger relationships with some people you meet than others. With Jess & Mark, their disarming personalities and simple generosity of spirit has made us cherish every conversation we have with them. This week we celebrate their first anniversary with them, and of course reached out to ask them to name their favorite moments and images from their wedding day. Here’s what they had to say.

Joint favorites:


Some people start their marriage with a first dance, but given how much we love dessert, we thought the appropriate way to start our marriage was with a bite of cake–so we cut the cake before our first dance. This picture perfectly encapsulates our happiness, our playfulness and our shared experience that night.


This picture does a great job capturing how happy and content we were that day (and still are!).  Plus, the background is awesome – on one side, Mark’s sister and brother-in-law talking and with funny expression on their faces, and on the other side a guy using a BlackBerry.  Perfect!

Jess’s favorites:


It was so hot and this picture was so brutal to take–but I’m glad I trusted Anne and Bill on this one because they came out beautiful.


I love how this picture is both about tradition, the bedecken is an ancient Jewish tradition where the groom confirms he is actually marrying the right person (and he was), and also just how happy and lighthearted we both felt, his hand gesture in this picture always makes me laugh.

(Bill added: Jess, this is my favorite image from the entire day, precisely for the reasons you give. Anne took it, of course.)

Mark’s favorites:


The sunglasses were a last-minute acquisition by my Best Man as we went to get ready.  It was just a ton of fun walking a few blocks across downtown DC to my first sighting of Jess as we were all wearing glasses and Bill was taking pictures.  Lots of looks from tourists – a few of whom realized what was going on and offered their congratulations.  This picture perfectly captures the experience – and it looks like it could be an album cover.  So if I miraculously develop some musical talent, I now know what the cover art will be…


We love dessert.  We love our wedding rings.  Love how this picture pulls those two things together and in a beautiful way.

Congratulations, you two!

Happy anniversary: Emily & Scott

Happy anniversary: Emily & Scott

Last year, we kicked off our season with Emily & Scott’s wedding up at Strong Mansion in Maryland. We truly can’t imagine a beginning to 2012 like we had with these two, we had so much fun with them and their friends (like Maya & Josh) that night. We talked again recently about celebrating their first anniversary together and they shared some of their favorite moments and images from their day and caught us all up on their lives together so far.

Our first year of marriage has been fantastic! We settled in to the whole husband and wife thing quickly, and a few months after the wedding we expanded our family by bringing home a little puggle puppy, Piper. We are still living in and loving DC.

We celebrated our first anniversary by going back to Frederick where the wedding festivities took place, and we actually spent a morning walking around the Strong Mansion grounds. Still absolutely stunning! We’re celebrating a bit further by leaving for Italy in two weeks. Italy was where we got engaged so it is a special place for us, and by total coincidence we’ll be there exactly two years from when we got engaged!

Emily’s faves:


I think this picture most aptly catches the rawness of emotion that Scott and I felt on our wedding day.  This was the moment right after we saw each other for the first time, during our first look.  All of my excitement and anticipation seemed to come to a head right here.  I still choke up sometimes when I see this, as I can so clearly remember the overwhelming amount of love and happiness I felt in this moment.


The wedding day was really special for my dad and me.  I was feeling nervous to walk down the aisle and I paused for a moment to look at him right before he walked me down the aisle.  He was gazing out into the ceremony site with this amazing look of happiness and pride. 

Scott’s faves:


This is one of my favorites because it captures the pure and unfiltered happiness we both felt.



I love this picture because it captures that moment where all nervousness had melted away.  The ceremony was incredibly special and emotional; here we are in a transition from a moment that was so much just between Emily and I, to joining the people we love to celebrate.

Their joint faves:


Here we are walking into the Mansion right after the ceremony wrapped up. Emily already has a glass of wine in hand, and everyone is so happy!



We’re so glad Anne & Bill pulled us away from the ceremony momentarily to take some photos by the pond.  We entered our own world when we stepped on this bench, danced like crazy, and ignored any sort of instructions A & B provided (sorry about that!).  It was so fun to have this moment to ourselves while the ceremony continued in the tent just a few yards away. 

[Emily, we’re so glad you just went off and did your own thing. It really made the photo.]

Congratulations, you two!

Happy anniversary: Liz & Andras

Happy anniversary: Liz & Andras

So this past Friday we commented on how quickly the week had flown by. Now it’s Monday night and we’re still wondering where Saturday and Sunday went. Ah, life. It’s all good, and we’re happy you’re here with us tonight, as we celebrate the first anniversary of one of the sweetest, most loving couples we know. Liz & Andras, we’re so happy for you! Thank you for sharing with us some of your favorite images and moments from your festive and emotional wedding day, as follows:

Andras: Liz looks relaxed and beaming happy

Liz: Our flowergirl (Andras’ niece) was simply enthralled with the whole experience. We had such fun shopping for her dress and I love how the doll is also coordinated!

Liz: After a day anticipating seeing Andras, I was so overwhelmed and relieved to finally be together. Though my face is hidden here, this was the first of many moments of gushing tears and Andras laughing.

Andras: The image is great and capturing the moment is amazing.  It reminds me of Liz, how beautiful the church is, the fact that weddings is about remembering moments, and our amazing photographers who captured a moment like that.

After all the anticipation and planning, we know the ceremony is really just about the two of us sharing our commitment with our loved ones. Even the timing of the music was perfect!

As the sun started setting, the scene was a show-stopper and we gave our guests a once-in-a-lifetime experience on the Hay-Adams rooftop.

Our first dance was “La Vie En Rose” to reflect our love of French things. We’ll be headed soon to Paris for a special aniversary trip.

Liz: I’ll never forget my sister’s toast brought everyone to tears and I was sobbing in my napkin. I also love the colors captured here.

Andras: Rocking the party with the flowergirl, who did an adorable costume change for the reception.

At the last minute, Liz’s mom added the flowers to the cake for a splash of color. Wouldn’t have been the same without them!

Congratulations, you two! We’re so glad we could be a part of your day.

Happy anniversary: Shannon & Dave

Happy anniversary: Shannon & Dave

Happy Monday, everyone! We’re delighted today to share with you Shannon & Dave’s wedding anniversary. One year ago on a gorgeous fall day they were married at the Hay Adams Hotel in Washington, DC. We’ve chatted periodically over the past year and asked them about a few of their favorite moments from the day. Here’s what they had to say.

Shannon’s Favorites:

I really just love this photo. I feel it not only captures the joy of the day, but highlights the city on one of the most perfect Fall days last year.  The shadows, our smiles – everything about this photograph is wonderful – I love it :).  We actually have it framed and mounted on our bedroom wall to remind us of such an amazing day.

I love that my father and I are sharing such an intimate moment while we walked down the aisle.  It was such an emotional moment for the two of us that the look of love on our faces speaks volumes.

Dave’s Favorites:

I really like this photo because it captures the moment of the day.  It’s simple, elegant, and nothing overall dramatic – it’s just a wonderful picture of us – happy.

I love this photo of Shannon.  She looks so incredibly happy and absolutely stunning.

Ok, so maybe we’ll add a couple of our own favorites too…

The past year has been extremely hectic for the two of us!  We started our year off right with an amazing honeymoon to Northern Italy.  We toured, ate ridiculously amazing food and enjoyed the beautiful scenery that Italy has to offer!  We came back home and within the next month, we enjoyed the holidays with friends and family – Dave even skied for the first time!  In May we bought our first home in the Shirlington area of Arlington.  We have fully moved in and are loving the extra space (Parker included)!  We’ll be celebrating our anniversary weekend by being in a friend’s wedding!  All-in-all, one great year of wedding bliss :).


Happy Anniversary: Margaret & Chip

Happy Anniversary: Margaret & Chip

As residents of Southeastern U.S. prepare for Hurricane Isaac this week, we’re reminded of another hurricane-soaked wedding weekend with Margaret & Chip, who wed one year ago today near Margaret’s childhood home in Lynchburg, Virginia. We were lucky enough that day to have a largely dry celebration (the weather, not the event) despite all the wind and rain around the surrounding areas. We’ve have kept in touch with this uber-sweet couple over the past year and asked them about a few of their favorite moments from that day and the images that captured them. Here’s what they had to say.

Margaret’s favorites:

After all the fun, but busy, events leading up to this afternoon, it was great to finally be together.  I think the first look is supposed to be dramatic, but we just couldn’t keep a serious face.

Editor’s note: We get a kick out this! While often dramatic, our clients always find a way to make their first look special and unique to them, including humor.

I love this moment with my dad and I was so excited to see Chip at the end of the aisle.  I love how you can see so much of the church and all our friends and family around us.

Chip’s favorites:

Even though Hurricane Irene threw us a curve ball, the sky she produced was unbelievable.  This picture is framed right next to our front door and we still look at it with awe every time we pass by.

I love that this shows the party that was our reception.  Watching Margaret’s bridesmaid leap across the dance floor – and all the reactions that followed – is priceless. 

Joint favorites:

Even though so much of a wedding can be celebrating with friends and family, we loved that this photo captured the equally important religious aspect.  I love how my veil falls, the flowers on the altar, the painting on the wall, and how you caught the minister at the perfect moment – blessing our marriage.  It’s perfect! 

We love this photo so much it was our Christmas card!  We had just had the best couple of days with our friends and family and we were off to our honeymoon!  Hard to believe it’s already been a year.  Thanks again for capturing all these wonderful details and moments!

Congratulations, you two!