Happy anniversary: Sara & Tony

Happy anniversary: Sara & Tony

All smiles. That’s how we remember Sara & Tony’s wedding last year. What a cute, sweet, friendly couple! We have such warm memories of their celebration and were thrilled to chat again nearing their first anniversary to see how they’re doing and to inquire about a few of the images that really stick out in their minds. Here are their thoughts…

Sara’s favorites:

I love this picture because I feel it truly represents who we are and what we love about each other. Tony makes me laugh all the time and apparently at this moment as well! Every time I look at this picture I reminded of this happy day and how we got there in the first place 🙂

This picture is just fun. I look at it and feel the joy and excitement of the night, and also know that we are headed to our honeymoon!

Tony’s favorites:

I think Sara looks so beautiful and the shot just captures the beauty and class of the venue. Plus there is something special about a bride walking down fancy stairs that got me. Haha. 

It was the perfect time of night and the candles in the trees make this shot spectacular. 

Our own couple of favorites:

Congratulations, you two!

Happy Anniversary: Amy & Tim

Happy Anniversary: Amy & Tim

Wow, it’s kind of crazy to think sometimes of all the people we’ve gotten to witness getting married. And moreso to think that a year’s flown by already afterward. Such was the case with Amy and Tim, who recently left our little ‘burb for the wiles of NYC and new big adventures. We’re excited for them and loved hearing how they’ve been settling in. They were kind enough to take some time out to share a few of their favorite wedding day images with you, which of course we’d delighted to share with you.
Amy’s favorites:

After our outdoor family portraits, I was so hot in the limo and needing some AC immediately!  I love how this one came out.

This is one of my favorite portraits of the two of us.  We were so happy all day, and I love that we’re standing close and looking so happy.

I thought our toasts to each other and to our friends and family were one of the most special moments of the night.  I love the shadow against the wall– great photography!

Tim’s Favorites:

Walking down the aisle after our vows, we were greeted with cheers and fist pumps from friends.  A great moment!

Our first dance was incredible, and this pictures demonstrates the emotion of the moment.

This picture captures a moment of quiet before the festivities begin and reveals the beauty of Farmington.

Photos they both love the most:

While so many friends were lifted by the groomsmen, Tim’s mom had the best reaction!

We used this as our Christmas card picture this year!  We’re listening to my dad’s speech, and we love the relaxed joy it reflects.

Exiting through the sparklers was so memorable.  We love how colorful and vibrant this pictures is.
Happy anniversary, you two!
Happy anniversary: Ben & Deena

Happy anniversary: Ben & Deena

How cool is it chatting up clients from a year ago to see how they’ve been doing and of course find out their favorite moments from their wedding that we captured for them? One year ago, DC-based Ben and Deena returned to Charlottesville, site of their alma mater at the University of Virginia, to tie the knot at the historic University’s chapel with follow-on reception at picturesque Veritas Vineyard. It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year sometimes, and we always love hearing how much fun our clients have been having over the past year, and Ben & Deena were no exception.

Ben’s favorites:

This is kind of one of Deena’s favorites too (she was terrible at picking just 2). That 20 minutes or so before the wedding party showed up for pictures was a nice relaxing break from the craziness of the day and it gave us some time to calm down and just be with each other…which is kind of the point of marriage.  This picture really sums up those 20 min.

I just think this is an awesome photo. We were a little confused as to why we had to go outside for another photo (since it was dark…and Deena was “gross” from dancing) but after seeing the result, I don’t know why we ever doubted you guys…you know, since you are professionals and everything.

[Editor’s note: Professionals, yes. Just like that valet in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off ;-)]

Deena’s favorites:

I like this picture for 2 reasons: 1) It is just a gorgeous picture!  and 2) This was taken during those precious moments of quiet that Ben and I had at Veritas, before all of our guests arrived. I don’t even think we talked very much, just enjoyed the dawning comprehension that we were there, and really married, and about to get to celebrate with everyone we love!

[Editor’s note #2: Deena, it’s one of our fave shots from your wedding as well! In fact, Veritas decided to use this among the hundreds, if not thousands, of wedding photos they had available to them to serve as the cover of their wedding guide. Congrats!]

Ok, so this picture was a little bit staged (the whole wedding party made us freeze, back up, and “stand like you were!”) but I think it’s such a great representation of the relationship I have with my dad. I guess “Dad and daughter” pictures are sort of a wedding staple, but I just love that he and I had little moments like this that happened so naturally throughout the day and were able to be captured.

[Editor’s note #3: Ok, so while we’d never, ever stage a moment (ever!), we’re not about to turn down an opportunity, nay, a command(!), presented by an adoring wedding party.]

Their joint favorites:

This is possibly our favorite picture of the bunch, and a lot of the reason why we picked Veritas as our location for the reception. We both love Charlottesville for its natural beauty, and we were really excited to have such a great picture to remember not only our wedding day, but also all of the fun times that we’ve had (and will hopefully continue to have) in the Charlottesville area over the years.

Without our knowledge, several of our close friends had decided to paint Beta Bridge for us the night before.  Ben got a sneak peak before the ceremony, but Deena didn’t see it until this moment.  There were a lot of wonderful surprises that weekend, but this was definitely one of our favorites.  We were really touched by our friends’ thoughtfulness, and apparently we missed out on quite the painting party!

Congratulations, you two!

Happy Anniversary: Jennifer & Greg

Happy Anniversary: Jennifer & Greg

Happy Fourth of July, everybody! We have a special treat for you today… effervescence personified in Jennifer & Greg, and celebrating their first anniversary. We enjoyed documenting their wedding a year ago at the historic Willard Hotel. We had been looking forward to it especially since their engagement session when we photographed them “painting” their walls as part of their portraits. We caught up with them to see how life’s been treating them lately, and it sounds like they’re having a blast:

Our first year of married life has been wonderful.  We’ve continued working on our house and have enjoyed watching empty rooms start to fill with furniture! For our anniversary we are going back to the Willard for dinner at Cafe du Parc and a taste of our scrumptious cake. Then in two weeks we’re off to St. Kitt’s for some R&R.  We cannot wait!  It’s so funny how a year has flown by so fast.  Every time we talk about the events of the weekend it does not seem like it happened that long ago!  You spend so much time and effort on the little details (like backing the menus, finding the perfect shade of rose ribbon and constructing those layered pockets on the backs of the chairs) but in the end what you really remember is the feeling.  The whole weekend was just filled with love.  Love from our family, friends and especially for one another.  Every time we look at our pictures we reconnect with those moments. Our goal is to keep that feeling with us for the rest of our married lives, and your stunning photographs will certainly make that goal come true!

And here are a selection of a few of their favorites from the weekend’s festivities:

Jennifer’s brother here took to the stage in a surprise performance for his sister and her new husband.

Happy anniversary, you two!

Happy Anniversary: Tori & Nick

Happy Anniversary: Tori & Nick

Happy Monday everybody! We hope it was wonderful for you, and it was nice seeing the extreme heat grab a seat and some Gatorade. Today we’re so happy celebrating Tori & Nick’s first anniversary (you may have remembered their Keswick Hall wedding and subsequent feature in Southern Living magazine). We caught up with them between adventures for a brief chat and to see how things have been and of course to inquire about their favorite images from their wedding day. Here’s what they had to share:

Our first year of marriage has been wonderful.  We are so lucky and thankful to have one another.  After an amazing wedding weekend, we took off to New Zealand and the Cook Islands for a 2 week honeymoon, which was unbelievable.  We got to spend a few days hiking and sightseeing in New Zealand before spending a week relaxing on the secluded beaches of Aitutaki (C.I).  Back in DC, we have spent the last few months house hunting on the weekends, feeling like a couple on House Hounters, and we are actually closing on our first home on our first wedding anniversary!  Six days after we close on our house, we are off to Amsterdam and Copenhagen for vacation.  Needless to say, we are really looking forward to our busy summer!

Tori’s favorites:

The moment of seeing each other for the first time as I walked down the aisle with my Dad.

Enjoying the speeches.

Nick’s favorites:

Joint favorites:

Displays the beautiful location where we got married – we couldn’t have asked for more.

A year later and I still can’t believe how amazingly Lynn and Pat took our vision and put it into reality!

Congratulations, you two!


Happy Anniversary: Holly & Mitch

Happy Anniversary: Holly & Mitch

We love it when our friends (and children of our friends) marry so we get to be a part of it. Sometimes we celebrate as a guest, and sometimes we celebrate by documenting the event for them. We’ve been longtime friends with Peggy & Dudley who run the amazingly romantic and whimsical Hope and Glory Inn, and were so thrilled to be able to document Dudley’s daughter Holly and Mitch’s wedding this past Summer. So today we celebrate their anniversary with them, and of course they helped catch us up with things and shared with us a select few of their favorite moments from the day.

As for our first year, it’s been awesome.  We’ve done a lot of really cool things, and most of our adventures surround travel.  We went to San Antonio for a weekend and participated in a half day Indian cuisine cooking class at the Culinary Institute of America, saw the Alamo, and spent time exploring the Riverwalk area.  Mitch had never been to DC, so when our friends got married there, it was a perfect time for me to help him explore my former home.  We ran along the Potomac, saw the monuments, and even spent some time in the Smithsonians.  We recently went to San Jose del Cabo in Mexico, a trip we had wanted to take for a long time.  It was amazing, and due to other travels already scheduled, we ended up making that a bit of a first year anniversary celebration, early.  Twice (it was so good!) we ate the freshest, most flavorful food at a farm to table restaurant called Flora’s Field Kitchen in a desert valley, relaxed in the spa, explored the coast and The Arch on a glass-bottom boat tour, and were amazed by the artwork exhibited during the town’s open gallery night.  

Our goal is to travel as much as possible, and do the things that we love as much as possible before jumping on the baby train (which is still a couple of years away).  This weekend, we’re going to enjoy a romantic dinner at Brennan’s (a Houston staple) before we head to Galveston on Sunday to support Mitch’s little brother Jonathan at his last day of camp!  I’ve been told that I’m much too excited about my first trip to Galveston (our closest “beach”), and Mitch continues to try to manage my expectations.

This is the traditional photo of the wedding party, but so much better!

This picture shows the behind the scenes “drama” – no bus, Jarrott in charge, Mitch and me wondering if there will be any witnesses to the wedding – where’s the bus?!

Our Town and Country paparazzi shot – it’s us in the moment – rushing from one spot to the next.  We love it.

It’s where the wedding ends, but the journey begins.

Holly’s favorite:

I love this photo, because it’s filled with irony.  It looks like I’m taking care of my dad.  What people can’t see is the 5 minutes prior to this photo, when my dad ran back to the church reception room to grab my bouquet of flowers – what bride can’t remember her own bouquet?!

Mitch’s favorite:

We’re both so happy.  You can clearly see the proud mother, with her equally proud and grateful son.  It was a truly happy moment. 

Congratulations, on your adventurous first year, you two! We’re so happy you found each other and are enjoying your first wedding anniversary. We know there will be many more to come!


Happy Anniversary: Stacy & Craig

Happy Anniversary: Stacy & Craig

We hope everyone’s been having a wonderful, yet very memorable, holiday weekend. We offer a thank you too large to put into words to those who have served our country in years and decades past, and those who continue to do so, many offering up the ultimate sacrifice.

Today we’d love to also celebrate Stacy and Craig, who tied the knot a year ago today at the beautiful historic Homestead Resort and whose wedding was also featured by Grace Ormonde Wedding Style. The couple, who originated their marriage at their home in New York City, have since relocated with their two dogs to a slightly quieter realm in North Carolina, each capturing new careers in the process. In fact, Stacy is now the resident wedding planner for her own event’s designer, Caroline LaRocca and is loving the change of pace.

We asked them just before they took off to celebrate their anniversary about a few of their favorite images from the weekend’s festivities. Here are their selections.

Stacy’s favorites:

This is by far my number 1 favorite picture —  I love how you guys captured my ear to ear smile and craig’s look of anticipation, which no one else saw in the moment it was happening.

One of my favorites because it’s the first picture of us officially married). 

Craig’s favorites:

None of Craig’s friends knew how to tie a tie correctly, so he loves how this picture captures this.

Reflection in the floor is so cool & looks like a picture out of a magazine.

Their joint favorites:

This picture is a reflection of our wedding style vision brought to life.

Everyone getting on the stage was not planned, but was such a fun way to end the wedding, and we love how this photo captures it.

We hope the two of you are having a wonderful time this weekend!

Happy Anniversary: Kimya & Brian

Happy Anniversary: Kimya & Brian

It’s Springtime, and that must mean a whole lot of Holland Photo Arts couples are celebrating their anniversaries. Today we’re connecting again with Kimya and Brian, whose gorgeous wedding at the Omni Shoreham had everyone remarking how much fun they had and how amazing everything was. We talked recently with the  happy couple and they graciously shared a few of their favorite images from the da,y as well as a quick update about their lives. Here are their picks:

Joint favorites:



We both really like them all! The ones we’ve chosen, whether on our own or collectively, all show different parts of the day/night. We had such an amazing time, and we love being able to relive it all through the photos!

We can’t believe it’s already been a year! Time has really flown by, but we guess that’s what happens when you’re having fun! We’re looking forward to a weekend away (it’s a surprise for Kimya!) for our actual anniversary, and then a longer vacation this summer in London and Paris.

And just for kicks, two of our faves as well…



Happy anniversary, you two!

Happy anniversary: Valerie & Jared

Happy anniversary: Valerie & Jared

It’s been a busy month for wedding anniversaries, and we’re happy sharing one with you from April 29 of last year. The number 29 was significant to Valerie & Jared for a number of reasons (including their respective birthdays) and figured prominently in their own wedding. We caught up with them recently upon their return from celebrating in Florence, Italy, and they shared some of their favorite images:

Jared’s favorites:

like this because of the feeling it evokes of us being engulfed by the surroundings and the only thing sticking out is us as a couple.

This a great photo and of the two different color tones presented between the two window panes – a warmer one of the left and a cooler one on the right.

Valerie’s favorites:

This is just a gorgeous photo.  It’s so soft and the reflection in the windows is beautiful.

This is just so natural and relaxed – it reminds me of what a great time we had. 

Joint favorite:

It’s just the warmth of our hug with my dad – it was right after we were legally married and he was the first family member to greet us as a new couple.

Happy anniversary, you two!

Happy anniversary: Cristina & Adam

Happy anniversary: Cristina & Adam

We love celebrating first anniversaries with our clients! Today we’re showing some of Cristina & Adam’s favorite images from their own wedding at Veritas Vineyards. They just returned from a road trip up and down the California coast to celebrate on their own and shared with us some of their faves. Enjoy!

Cristina’s favorite:

I love how you captured this moment right after we walked down the aisle, and we had a few moments to ourselves before our families came to congratulate us. We were both so happy and it really shows. 🙂

Adam’s favorite:

I love this because its funny and captured such a great moment. [Editor’s note: Adam, it’s one of our favorites too!]

A selection of their joint favorites:

Happy anniversary, you two!

Happy anniversary: Annette & Binh

Happy anniversary: Annette & Binh

A year ago today found us in a remote, gorgeous area near Virginia’s Northern Neck to celebrate Annette & Binh’s wedding. Annette, who grew up in the area and had family still there, wanted to host their celebration in the place that had such emotional and historical meaning for them. So we’re happy today to give them a big high-five for their first wedding anniversary, showing off several of their favorite moments from the day, which they understandably found difficult to narrow down among the selections they made for their album. Congratulations, you two!


Happy Anniversary: Melanie & Dominic

Wow, how’d it get to be Monday already? This weekend just flew by, but it was a good mix of work and play. How was yours? Today we’re happy celebrating with Dominic and Melanie, as they note their first wedding anniversary! We chatted with them recently to see what life has had in store for them over the past year as well as learn some of their favorite images from their wedding day a year later. Here’s what they had to say.

Melanie’s favorites:

My husband is so handsome…i mean, just look at him!

I was so excited, I got a little ahead of the officiant (Bill Cochran)…he got to “You may now kiss your…” when I grabbed Dominic’s face and Bill had to change “your wife” to “your husband.”

I know I’m only supposed to pick two photos, but I really love this one, too:

Don has been my best friend for 20 years. I’m not sure what he was telling me, but I’m sure it was highly inappropriate since I was laughing so hard.

Dominic’s favorites:

He has this photo as the screensaver on his work laptop, and he says many coworkers have asked, “Hey, is that Katy Perry?” I don’t see the resemblance, but I’ll take it as a compliment!

We just like being silly 🙂 

Joint favorites:

Dominic did a great job of making the boys extra handsome for the wedding. Plus, it’s just a great interaction shot of the big guy and the little guys.

This is one of our all-time favorite photos. We have very few shots of all four of us together, so this photo is highly cherished.

Cake in the FACE! I got him…and he got me back 🙁 Plus, our wedding cake was amazing!

About our first year together. Just two quick things…First, Dom just got back surgery, so he’s really working the whole “in sickness and in health” angle. Second, we got a puppy 🙂 She’s a sweet, not-so-little hound mix named Birdee. It’s so nice to have another girl in the house…finally. 🙂

Congratulations, you two!

Happy Anniversary: Liz & Jon

Happy Anniversary: Liz & Jon

Longtime readers of this space will remember the fun engagement portraits and incredibly celebratory wedding of Liz & Jon, and wouldn’t you know it, it’s been a year since their wedding already! How time flies. We’ve kept in touch with them (we’re actually working on their album right now) and recently asked them what some of their favorite images from their wedding day might be and why. Here’s what they had to say:

Liz’s favorites:

This moment is of my mom taking a look at the dress right before I slipped into it. The dress was hers and this was a beautiful, quite moment I’m so happy I can witness, thanks to your spying. (Even though I bug her for wearing a scrunchie.) [Editor’s note: Be sure to read Liz’s story about this dress in Washingtonian magazine.]

This one is Jon “tracking” me, as I walked down the long staircase and then down the aisle. Such anticipation. 

Jon’s favorites:

This is me introducing Liz as my wife. During the rehearsal the day before, Father George, our priest had told me that one thing that he never thought was right was that the first person to introduce a wedding couple for the first time was “some DJ or band singer” and that I should go ahead and do it on my own at the end of the ceremony. The picture is great because obviously it caught Liz off guard. [Editor’s note: Such a fantastic idea! We can’t believe no one had ever done it before you guys.]

This is great because our parents decided on the spur of the moment after the ceremony to walk down the aisle arm-in-arm together. The picture perfectly captures that, and given that we celebrated our anniversary with all four of them shows how close we all truly are. We’re so lucky. 

Joint favorites:

Both of these moments were “ours,” in that we were alone together. Before the ceremony (following our “first look”), we walked from the Sofitel to the museum and it was so much fun–after being surrounded by so many people getting ready all day–to just be with one another and laugh and kiss and laugh… The second shot is us alone again following the ceremony. I remember just thinking, “Whoa! We just got hitched! Holy…” 

Thanks again for such memories, Anne and Bill. We enjoyed reliving the evening tonight, combing through so many beautiful moments. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: You are both exceptionally talented. Thank you, thank you.

Thank you, l&j! 🙂 It’s always such fun seeing some of our clients favorites images from their wedding day. Some of yours, were most definitely some of our favorites, as well.

Happy Anniversary you two!!


Happy Anniversary: Jen & Robert

We’re so happy today to celebrate with Jen and Robert on their first anniversary! You might remember their morning wedding from a year ago here in Charlottesville and reception at the relaxing Boars Head Inn (or maybe even their engagement portraits). We touched base with them recently to see how they’ve been doing and inquire about their favorite moments from the day. Here’s what they had to say.

We made it! Year 1! We are even more in love with each now than we were when we got married. Robert has started residency at UVA, and Jen is nearing the final stage of her Ph.D. training. We moved into a larger apartment and undertook the arduous task of combining everything – what to do with six spatulas?! We love entertaining and, in a great leap of faith (with a touch of naiveté), hosted a Thanksgiving dinner for 17 and our families for Christmas. One of our favorite traditions that we’ve begun is that of “Fancy Fridays” – one day a week to use our wedding china and crystal while trying a new recipe together. 2011 was a great year for us. Here’s to the start of another by each other’s side. 

I love this picture because Jen and I practiced our dance for several weeks prior to the wedding with the help of a close friend. I was so nervous about standing on Jen’s dress or messing it up somehow. When we finally started dancing, I forgot all of that prep work and just enjoyed dancing. I think this picture captures how much fun we had.

I really love this picture because it is very artistic, and the juxtaposition of us and our shadows is like that of our serious and playful sides. 

I love this because it shows Robert’s playful side. We chose not to see each other prior to the wedding, and Robert knew nothing about my dress (besides the fact that it was purple and had feathers on it…) 🙂 I think this picture really captures his excitement as he was peeking around people to get a glimpse of his soon-to-be wife at the back of the church.

This one captures the essence of our wedding day. Jen’s dad jokingly calls this one the “Nike pose,” in honor of the Greek goddess of victory. Greek goddess is a bit of a stretch, but I think we both felt pretty victorious at that moment. The bells were peeling, and everyone was all smiles. I love how our arms are interlocked, and how Robert is helping to lift my dress.

We both just look so happy in this one! We had just walked out of the church and Bill captured our first moments together. It was freezing that day (strapless gown in January, for the win!), and we look so cozy and giggly together, like we can’t believe we actually just got married.

Some people leave their wedding in a limo or horse drawn carriage. We opted for a golf cart. Showing us leaving our reception, this picture reminds us of all that we have to look forward to in the future and our friends and family who have supported us along the way.

Congratulations, you two!

Happy Anniversary: Jenn & Paul

Happy Anniversary: Jenn & Paul

As we approach the end of 2011, we have just a couple more anniversaries to celebration with y’all. The first is Paul & Jenn’s, who married a year ago and who had their uproariously fun reception at Hotel Monaco in Alexandria. We touched base with them (after of course seeing them at Arienne & Mike’s wedding this past Fall) to inquire about some of their favorite moments from their wedding day. Here’s what they had to say.

Their joint faves:

We just love this one – y’all caught us sharing a private moment amidst the all chaos. A picture says a thousand words. [Bill adds: I love this moment captured by Anne–it’s one of my favorites from the day; I wish I had taken it.]


I love how this one shows the detail of my veil… but also shows my ‘maids in the background – like I’ve found a quiet moment in all the excitement going on around me. Paul likes how you can just barely see the tips of my eyelashes. 

Paul’s faves:

My wife is hot.

A classic wedding picture – the father of the bride finally accepting the man who stole his daughter.

Jenn’s faves:

I love how y’all captured our excitement at finally being married… and relief that the hard part was over!

I don’t know how you did it, but you managed to capture me exactly how I wanted to be on this day. A beautiful, classic shot that I will treasure forever!

It was really hard narrowing it down to just 1 or 2 photos, so we had to throw in the runners up: 

I’ll never forget Bill going out into the middle of the street, stopping traffic for this one! [Note to self: Consider wearing something other than a dark suit when darting in front of traffic to get a shot.]

Love this cool action shot!

Jenn dancing in limo. Paul laughs every time he sees this one. 

Kari touching up my make-up – such a sweet shot of me with my sister-in-law.

Congratulations, you two! We’re so happy for you.