Megan’s Bridal Portraits at the Hay Adams Hotel

Megan’s Bridal Portraits at the Hay Adams Hotel

Now Megan & Misha have married with a fab reception at Mellon Auditorium (look for their Journal post shortly), we’re happy sharing some of the images we love the most from Megan’s bridal portrait session. Megan secured a spacious, light-filled suite at the Hay Adams Hotel, making the session a portrait photographer’s dream. Megan’s mom was there to help, as was the ever-talented Jamie & Kate of Simply Chic Events, and we were, as always, grateful for our assistant Karen for her help. Enjoy our favorites!









This last one, we were delighted to see, was one of the 20×30 prints selected for display at their wedding. Gorgeous!

Tricia & Ian’s Boulder Foothills Engagement Session

Tricia & Ian’s Boulder Foothills Engagement Session

One of the best parts about living in Boulder is when you get up early, you’re awarded with sundrenched foothills at the base of the Rocky Mountains. So it seemed apropos to meet up with Tricia & Ian for their engagement session down by the Homestead Trail just south of Boulder. It was a wonderfully cool morning in early August and afterward a healthy, but not too healthy hike, we headed down to Golden to meet up with their horse, Bear. Beautiful. Just a gorgeous and friendly horse.

We loved spending the morning with all of them and cannot wait for their wedding next October back in Virginia! We’ll let the scenery speak for itself, although T&I almost upstaged it. Don’t believe us? See for yourselves below. Below are just a few of our favorite images from their engagement portraits – it was so hard to narrow them down. Want more? See their complete gallery here. The password is Tricia’s maiden name.

























Thanks so much for having us out, T&I and we’re already looking forward to seeing you soon. Lulu’s for real this time, perhaps? ;-D


Everly’s Watch Me Grow Portrait Session, Mountain Edition

Everly’s Watch Me Grow Portrait Session, Mountain Edition

One of the best things about Watch Me Grow portrait sessions is, well, we get to watch our clients’ children grow up. Since Mindy & Eric happen to have a place out in the Rocky Mountains, just down the street as it were, it was wonderful spending the afternoon with them and darling Everly at their home and playing with the horses at Devil’s Thumb Ranch Resort. Everly’s grown so much since her first sessions (1 and 2) and has only grown cuter. Love it! Check out the entire portrait gallery here, and remember the password’s Everly’s last name. Enjoy!













Engaged! with Sarah & Max at Vail Resort

Engaged! with Sarah & Max at Vail Resort

We recently found ourselves once again atop Vail Mountain (one of Bill’s favorite places in CO so far) for an engagement session with Sarah & Max, whose Fall wedding we’re shooting back in Washington, DC. Vail holds a very special place in their heart as it’s where they had their first date and they continue to spend many weekends there in the Winter skiing. We could think of worse places.

While the weather seemed at first to be threatening, we held out and got some amazing skies in return. (You may remember almost a year ago, we photographed Joy & Jerry’s renewal up there and had some wacky weather, as well!) We stayed atop near the wedding deck for a few portraits before descending in the gondola for a few more around the village and ending the evening with a nice long dinner together filled with many great stories. (They even brought their adorable dog Tanner for a couple of shots. Seriously, this is one of the sweetest dogs we’ve met in a while and almost convinced Anne that we needed to add to our fur family. Callie the Cat on the other hand, would most certainly not be pleased if we did.) We weren’t done yet, though as we knew we had to get some nighttime shots under the gorgeous cafe lights in the Village outside their hotel – the stunning Arrabelle.  Max especially was such a trouper since he had an early morning flight to Iceland for his bachelor party and both he and Sarah were driving all the way back to Denver that very night. Thankfully we only had to go as far as Boulder and I-70 at night isn’t nearly as scary in the Summer than it is in the Winter! Ask us about a trip up there this past March over a beer (actually maybe three) sometime.

We’re soooooo looking forward to this stylish couple’s Mellon Auditorium wedding in a couple of months, and can’t wait to share more with you from that afterward. We already know their wedding weekend is going to be seriously stunning and a lot of fun to boot. Enjoy the complete gallery here, and the password is Sarah’s maiden name.

























Thanks so much, you two and we can’t wait to see you again soon!!


Vivienne’s a Morning Baby

Vivienne’s a Morning Baby

Clifton Inn is such a serene and beautiful spot for a romantic getaway or a wedding or two, and it’s also apparently relaxing and fun for babies. I met up with our friends Katherine and Scott and their little girl Vivienne to do a portrait session with her at the inn. She was all smiles as you’ll see–very much a morning person who doesn’t yet need her cup o’ joe to get things going (so jealous). Enjoy our favorites from the morning, and you can see more here. The password is Katherine’s maiden name.

KSv-0845-23 KSv-0846-55 KSv-0857-25 KSv-0859-41 KSv-0903-09 KSv-0917-54 KSv-0918-18 KSv-0924-12

Everly’s Second Watch Me Grow Portraits

Everly’s Second Watch Me Grow Portraits

Early Summer brings families out to the farms for the first of the season’s fruits for picking. It was no exception with Mindy & Eric, who brought their little girl Everly out to Butler’s Orchard in suburban Maryland for a little strawberry picking. Restless occupants of each of the lined-up cars patiently waited to enter, grab a bucket, and start picking. There were families everywhere, yet these three found a relatively isolated spot for little Ev to taste the little red nuggets of tastiness. Here are a few of our faves from the day, with of course the complete gallery here (also includes her first session). The password is her last name. Enjoy!


We were mere minutes into the field when Everly sported a range of strawberry stains on her wrap. Good girl!

MEe2-1021-00 MEe2-1050-12 MEe2-1054-04 MEe2-1054-74 MEe2-1056-45 MEe2-1057-82 MEe2-1100-11 Mmmm…wood. Tastes mighty good! MEe2-1100-16 MEe2-1109-29 MEe2-1113-38 MEe2-1115-84

Natalie’s Watch Me Grow Session, Part Three

Natalie’s Watch Me Grow Session, Part Three

Who says a Watch Me Grow sessions always have to be at home? Ever since Bill first met Andrew for his family’s portrait way back before he had even met and married Julie, we knew he was a die-hard Nationals fan. Such enthusiasm spreads throughout the family, apparently, as little Natalie’s about as enthusiastic a toddler as you’d find in the DC area. She won’t waffle, hedge, or switch sides for political expediency in this town with this team. Nope, she and Julie are true fans and have been with the team through thick and thin. So of course we thought how apropos it’d be for us all to attend one of the more recent baseball games (while Strasburg was still pitching-yea!) for a little fun and games.

We met them all at their new digs (a really cool mid-century modern style home in a beautiful, old leafy neighborhood – seriously, it feels like you’re in a tree house!) and played with the bubble machine among other accoutrements before heading downtown for an admittedly humid, drizzly afternoon of baseball. So check out the Nat’s sweetest little cheerleader, and of course you can see the entire gallery here. Have a great weekend, everyone!

(PS – Fall has started off with a bang here at HPA HQ and as you’ve undoubtedly noticed by all the “ones” on the blog recently, we have lots and lots of wedding goodness coming up, starting next week with an incredible three-day Indian celebration you won’t want to miss! xoxo….a&b)

J&A+N+Future Fan,

We can’t thank you both enough for inviting us to your life’s celebrations – big and small. Getting to know you and your families and feeling like one of said family has been one of those unexpected joys that comes with us getting to do what we do – document love – in all forms and stages of life. We could not be happier for you both and your soon to be family of four. Wow. It feels like just yesterday we were capturing your vows and little one’s were only a glimmer in your eyes. We could tell even then that your love for each other was so full and giving that you would literally have gobs of it to share. Thank you for sharing that love with us, too and we can’t wait to hoist a beer with you down here in C’ville soon!

Much love,

Everly’s First Watch Me Grow Session

Everly’s First Watch Me Grow Session

We’ve been so happy to become friends with Mindy & Eric, whose wedding we documented back in 2009 and subsequently featured in District Weddings, enjoying cookouts, showers, parties and the like. And now this–Everly their newborn little girl and pride and joy. She’s so adorable and it was wonderful seeing them again recently and meeting Ev for the first time. Below are a few of our faves from the first session, when she was about three weeks old. You can also see the complete gallery here, and the password is Mindy’s last name. Enjoy!


Portraits with Greyson, Anita & Greg

Portraits with Greyson, Anita & Greg

Perhaps one of the longest friendships we’ve had with past clients is with Anita & Greg, whose wedding we documented back in May of 2003. We instantly fell in love with them both (seriously, if you met them, you would too) and we’ve been fast friends ever since. We miss them terribly as they live in Florida, so it’s always nice spending time with them and their cute-as-a-button little boy, Greyson. Of course there were pictures to be taken, given Greyson was not to be stopped. No, really. No pausing whatsoever, 😉 and a few of our favorites are here. The rest? Find them here. The password is Greyson’s last name and is case-sensitive. Enjoy!



Natalie’s Watch Me Grow Session, Part Two

Natalie’s Watch Me Grow Session, Part Two

Avid readers of the Journal will recognize this adorable little pumpkin-wielding girl, daughter of Andrew & Julie. We got together a short bit ago at Andrew’s parents’ home for a little portrait session, dinner and great conversation. It’s always a pleasure seeing our former wedding clients, especially when we can watch their families literally grow. So enjoy these images on this beautiful Fall Friday, everyone, and we’ll be chatting with you again next week. Lots to share coming up!

Interested in seeing the complete gallery? It’s all yours. The password is Julie’s last name and is case-sensitive.



Engaged! with Ashleigh & Evan

Ok, so we really cannot wait until Ashleigh and Evan’s wedding next June! From the moment we received their first email to when we met up the first time a couple of months ago, we knew it was going to be a perfect match and we were delighted when they told us they wanted to do a Love Session with us this Fall. We started at a very special place to them both – where they met – the University of Virginia. We started out around Grounds ending up at one of their favorite haunts on the Corner, the Virginian – where they officially started dating. The staff was awesome and let us have the run of the place.

It was the perfect Fall day with that beautiful warm sunlight washing all over us. A&E (our fabulous couple, not the highbrow TV channel) are absolutely perfect for each other – it’s obvious that they not only love each other, but that they truly like and respect each other. They are one of those “annoying” couples who finish each others sentences, but they are such kind-hearted, genuine warm souls, you can’t help, but be inspired by them – how they live, laugh and love.  We had an absolute blast and are so excited to share some of our faves from the day with you.

Want more? Check out the entire portrait gallery. The password is Ashleigh’s last name and is case-sensitive. Enjoy!

The garden where Evan proposed to Ashleigh a few short months ago.

This is their trademark blue steel look.

Congratulations again, you two!! We look forward to sharing a beer over great conversation with you again soon!


Kate & Travis’s Day-After Portraits at Jefferson Memorial

While it’s not often possible, we enjoy getting together with past clients to visit and catch up a bit. Sometimes it’s when they start a family and we’re there to photograph the babies, sometimes it’s over drinks, and sometimes it’s for a “Day-After” portrait session, which is how we most recently got together as the sun rose over the Potomac, with Kate and Travis. Turns out the Jefferson Memorial, at that time of the morning, is pretty much empty, which makes for some pretty incredible scenic shots you can’t get any other time of day because of the presence of tourists. Here are a few of our favorites from that morning.

Kate and Travis, it was wonderful seeing you both again! Congratulations and we’re thrilled to hear (and see) that you both are doing well.

Peace & Love,

Rosalie’s Third Watch Me Grow Session

When we first started shooting professionally, we never imagined we would become anyone’s family photographer, but that’s exactly what’s happened with Heather and Brad and their darling little girls. Heather and Brad married seven years ago and we were there to document it. It’s been playgrounds, making cookies, eating (and wearing) lunch, licking popsicles, and of course blowing bubbles ever since, and I’ve loved every second of it.

Today was spent with Rosalie and her older sister Opal for Rosalie’s third Watch Me Grow session. In case you’re  itching to see past sessions, check out Rosalie #1 here and #2 here. Opal’s most recent can be found here. Go check out the complete gallery from all sessions when you’re ready.

Starting out the morning with a little playground action.

Both grandmas made an appearance for the weekend’s festivities. Does that mean double the ice cream? I’m pretty sure it does.

A quiet, pensive moment with mom.

A bubble! She sure did try hard to make such a beautiful bubble.

Her big sister was a bit more well practiced.

Gimme that popsicle! (Opal did share, btw.)

Opal was not fond of the news that her daddy had to go to work, but Rosalie was right there to comfort her big sister.

Heather and Brad, it’s been so much fun coming out to see you and to document your family’s growth. Thank you so much for the opportunity. It’s been a blast.

Margaret’s Bridal Session

Now that Margaret and Chip are married (congrats, you two!), we can finally share with you images from her recent bridal portrait session, set in her childhood home. Her mom Peggy is a master gardener, and their back yard was a photographer’s dreams as a setting for these classic portraits. Below are a few choice images from the session, and we’re looking forward to sharing images from their wedding celebration soon!

An Afternoon with Bobby

We not-so-recently got together with Anne’s brother Andy, his wife Jen, and their little boy Bobby for a (hot!) afternoon of wine tasting (except for the 3 year olds) at Pippin Hill and hanging out by the Lake Reynovia dock. In a classic case of the cobbler’s kids (or in this case, nephews) having no shoes, we just now were able to get to posting a few images from the day’s fun festivities. Ah, life in the middle of wedding season. But better late than never, right? So here are a few of our favorite images of His Cuteness.

Oh, in case this isn’t enough Bobby adorableness for you (and really how could it possibly be?) you can see some of our favorite photo shoots with him here, here, here and his debut, here! Oh, my gosh, he’s getting SO big!