An Afternoon with Matthew

Regular readers will remember an adorable little boy named Matthew whose portraits we created a few weeks after his birth. We returned recently to our dear friends’ Stefanie and Karl’s home to take some more pics of this little cherub and his crazy-long eye lashes. The girls in pre-school are going to be completely smitten. We know we are! This time around he welcomed us with open arms and decided he didn’t want to sleep through it! 😉 Here are just a few of our favorites…

Yea, he was a bit happier with us this time around. 😉

Such. A. Cutie!

Sweet Max is such a trooper!

Engaged! with Shannon & Dave

We’re solely cat people partly out of practicality. We travel for weddings so much it’s hard taking good proper care of a dog. So we live vicariously through our clients and friends who have these furry friends as part of their lives. On occasion, a client will bring along their happy-go-lucky pal with them for a portrait shoot. That’s exactly what Shannon and Dave, who are marrying this coming October, did with their dog oh-so-adorable bulldog Parker when we met up in Alexandria recently for their engagement portraits. It was so much fun wandering around town with them. Since Shannon is a huge (no, seriously…huge fan) of cupcakes and has “dragged Dave to a LOT of cupcake shops”) to stop by Lavender Moon for part of the shoot, but who knew they were closed on Mondays AND Tuesdays!?! So alas, no sugary morsels that day. But we still had a blast, and big props and major thanks to Jamie Sears of Simply Chic Events for her invaluable assistance that afternoon and to Holly Chapple for the gorgeous straight-from-her-garden bouquet. Congratulations s&d!! We can’t wait for your wedding this Fall!

Want more? Of course you do. Here’s a link to the complete portrait session. The password is Shannon’s last name.

Yea, he just might be a natural!

Since cupcakes were a no-go that day, we still had to get something sweet. Pops to the rescue!

Engaged! with Ashlee & Aaron

We recently got to meet and photograph Ashlee and Aaron our wonderful clients marrying in North Carolina in November, out at the beautiful Homestead resort for their engagement portrait session. We have always enjoyed shooting weddings there, but it was a nice change of pace doing a couple’s engagement portrait. One of the big benefits of the resort is the wide variety of areas where one can shoot and we were able to beat the sprinkles that came down early that evening. We’ve been shooting there for years and liked being able to come up with new ideas and locations for this fun loving couple.

Want more? You can view their complete private gallery online. The password is Ashlee’s maiden name.

Congratulations, you two and we can’t wait for your wedding later this Fall!


A fun afternoon with Sam & her parents

Back in 2004, on a beautiful  Sunday afternoon in August (no kidding, it was something like 74 degrees), we shot the wedding of Julie and Scott. They’ve been dear friends of ours ever since, and while we don’t get to see them as often as we’d like (really, who does?), it was so much fun spending an equally beautiful Spring afternoon with them and their darling little girl Samantha. We walked, ran and played all around the U.S. Capitol grounds before retiring with j&s for a dinner of excellent Belgian beer with moules & frites. It was the perfect way to spend a day, and we loved seeing them all again. We hope you enjoy perusing a few of our favorite images as much as we enjoyed creating them. Careful: Major Cuteness Alert!

Ready to see the entire gallery? The password is Samantha’s last name.

But why can’t I drink it?

No pictures, please.

Too cute!

You know you’ve established trust with your subject when…

Amazing, we didn’t have any tulip casualties!

And we’re done.

Almost.  😉

Thanks so much, j&s+s!! We had a blast with you all and look forward to seeing you again soon!


Natalie’s Watch Me Grow Session, Part One

We had seen Andrew & Julie but once since their incredible wedding at the National Cathedral, featuring some of the most amazing evening light we’ve ever seen, after a day of rainy fits and starts. So it was extra fun for Bill to get together to get our fix as it were, and photograph little Natalie, their beautiful new daughter. The session was the first of her Watch Me Grow series. We began the afternoon at the National Arboretum, where several cherry blossom species were blooming. Also blooming was the enforcement of their photo permit requirement (used to be they cared only about women in white dresses, but I suppose the government has to solve the deficit somehow). So we headed back to their place to wrap up. Can’t wait for future sessions!

The sunglasses were a hit. At least for a few minutes.

Back at the crib, as it were. What a cutie. She was so popular all the toys were  hoping she’d play with them.


Congratulations on your super sweet addition to your family, you two and we can’t wait to see you all again soon!


Rosalie’s Watch Me Grow, Second Session

We have gotten to know and become friends with Heather and Brad, and whose family we’ve had the good fortune to document on several occasions throughout the years beginning with their fall wedding back in 2004. The latest photographic installment was the second Watch Me Grow session with their second cute-as-a-button daughter Rosalie, who had a good time with her big sister and mom and dad the afternoon I was there. Guinness and chocolate chip cookies (cookies for the kids, and beer for the kids-at-heart) made an appearance and lent the afternoon the perfect lazy-day vibe. Loved it!

Want more? You can see the whole gallery, including Opal’s Watch Me Grow sessions, here.

Brad continually cracks us up. Like every few seconds. Literally.

Opal cracks some eggs for the chocolate chip cookies. They were awesome.

This is my favorite frame from the entire afternoon. So many things going on–a quintessential family moment.

Opal attacked the mixer attachment with gusto.

What a great father-daughter moment!

So cute!

Loving the grin on Heather’s face, despite Rosalie having a firm fistful of her hair.

Thanks so much for having me out, h&b+o+r! We love you guys.

Welcome Baby Matthew

While we often become friends with our clients, in some instances we become very close to them. Such was the case with Stefanie and Karl, whose wedding we shot back in 2006. After our initial meeting with them, we drove home thinking, “Gosh, wouldn’t it be nice to just go out to see a movie with them?” Several years and an abundance of memories later, we’re delighted to celebrate the arrival of their little boy, Matthew. We stopped by their home just before Christmas to take pictures of the little guy and to give congratulatory hugs all around. We also learned newborns must take after Anne. They like their sleep. Really like it. (What? We’re artists. We like to stay up late. 😉

Not sure how much Santa-helping he did before the holidays, but give him a few more years and he’ll be peeking around the corner to spy on St. Nick after laying out some chocolate chip cookies and milk.

He was generally a relaxed, happy-go-lucky type until we started turning the lights on him. Poor little dude, but he held up remarkably well and fell back asleep in no time flat.

While Baby Matthew recovered from the light trauma, we turned our lenses on dear Max! We love Max the Dog. He. Is. Awesome.

Okay, back to sweet Matthew.

The butterflies hanging here represent his big-, and sadly late-brother and sister, Jack and Abby. We love that they’re there to look over him. This little guy will have lots of angels watching over him.

Ok, let’s see if he’ll open his eyes. This lasted all of oh, 15.2 seconds, but it was perfect.

Thank you, Stefanie & Karl, for having us over to meet the little guy and take a few photos! We simply can’t wait to do more of the same.

Much love to you all,

Bella’s Day Out in Old Town

We were delighted to meet up with Mike and Christina and their darling daughter Bella for an afternoon portrait session in Old Town Alexandria. It was nice returning to some of our old stomping grounds, and since the weather couldn’t have been better, we enjoyed a very relaxing time together. Well, except for one instance where Bella was very clear about her preference to crawl instead of walk. Hey, she’s the boss. Enjoy a few of our faves from the session!

An afternoon on the farm with Lydia

About five years ago we were lucky enough to do some baby portraits for our friends Matt and Theresa of their little little girl Lydia, back when they lived in a different house. Fast forward to just a couple of weeks ago, and we find them on a really cool cooperative farm, living life with spacious views of Shenandoah and enjoying time with goats, chickens, horses, cows, and a host of other barnyard animals. It was so cute seeing how much Lydia had grown during that time, and I’m delighted to share with you a few images from that afternoon. Enjoy!

Want more? Click here to view the complete gallery of images. The password is Lydia’s last name.

Family Portrait with Grayson, Gary, and Jeanne at Hope & Glory Inn

How lucky are we? First, we get to reconnect with Gary and Jeanne, whose wedding we photographed back in the summer of 2006 AND meet Grayson, the newest addition to their growing family. And on top of that, we meet up with them in picturesque Irvington, Virginia, where the two of them married at the eclectic Hope & Glory Inn. It was so nice sitting with them in “Detention” (the inn is based on an old schoolhouse, and Detention is simply where adults go in the late afternoon and evenings for “atonement” via wine and good conversation) after the session was finished for the afternoon.

Grayson must be about the cutest little boy alive, what with his natural mohawk and wide-eyed take-in-all-in approach to life. We loved every minute of their session, and even wrapped up in the inn’s spacious outdoor bath set under a canopy of trees. But with Grayson, a H20 loving boy who already loves hanging out in the family’s pool, we set him loose under the outdoor shower to see just how much fun he’d have. As it turns out, quite a bit. Enjoy!

Oh, and if you’re ready for more and want to see the complete session, just go here and enter Grayson’s last name as the password (it’s case-sensitive).

Definitely one of our faves. We got a SMILE!

“Seriously, you’re still taking pictures of me?” Too funny. 🙂

Shower time! Gary was a real trooper assisting with this, as he got nearly completely soaked in the process as well. Go Gary!

Too. Precious.

And we figured you might like to have a little recollection of Gary and Jeanne’s colorful and festive wedding!

First sight!

Most kids (and some adults who feel like kids) are pretty eager to enjoy the sugary virtues of a wedding cake. One of their young guests seemed perfectly happy with his lollipop, though he was clearly still first in line for the cake, too! Smart kid!

The night before their wedding, after the rehearsal BBQ, they hosted a Milk and Cookies party which began around nine. You may remember the idea was one of our FAB Finds, too!) The requested attire? Pajamas (even for the photographers). We loved it! We’ve not seen this particular event before nor after Gary and Jeanne’s and certainly wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to document one if another couple just happened to want to do this (hint, hint) for their own wedding. Besides, Anne maintains it’s a great excuse to go out and get some new PJs.

Dear g,j&g,

We had such a blast with you guys back at one of our favorite places on earth! Thanks so much for inviting us back to H&G to capture your absolutely beautiful family. Grayson, it was such a joy for us getting to spend with you and you were such a super troooper! Get used to all those well deserved hugs and kisses that will come your way. 🙂

We look forward to seeing you all in NJ someday and know that you’re always welcome here in C’ville, too. Congratulations to you both and we can’t wait to watch little Grayson grow!

With Love,

Rosalie’s Watch Me Grow, Session I

I don’t think we’ve had as long-standing of a relationship where we get together periodically, boogy down at friends weddings (hi, Andrew and Julie), and celebrate the birth of not one, but two beautiful young daughters, as we have with Heather and Brad, whose wedding we shot back waaayyyy back in 2004. It’s a friendship we truly cherish and are grateful to remain a part of their lives.

This second time around was to photograph the newest addition to their family, Rosalie. Her big sister, Opal, already got the Holland Photo Arts treatment with her selection of Watch Me Grow portrait series, so naturally it made sense to restart the series with Rosalie, featuring her energetic sister. (Of course, we had to get the whole family in on the act, too! :))

Enjoy these favorites from the day and if you want more, you can see the entire gallery, plus all of Opal’s sessions here. The password is Heather’s maiden name, all lower case.

Such fun, and we can’t wait for our next outing with you all!

With Joy,

Engaged! with Cristina&Sid

We have a two-fer for you today! Cristina and Sid enjoyed a large and fun wedding ceremony and reception near Sid’s family’s home in India a few months ago, but didn’t get as many portraits as they would have liked in their Indian wedding attire, so (lucky us!) they wanted to include some within their “engagement” session, plus a few in Western dress prior to their stateside wedding next month. So we headed out one recent weekend afternoon to the beautiful Veritas Vineyards for the first part of their session, and were completely wowed with what they were wearing! We had amazing light and, combined with this relaxed and gorgeous couple, just had a blast. In fact, Anne is pretty sure she now want’s to renew our vows in India, primarily so she can wear attire like this! Is that allowed?! ;-D

(Special thanks to Lucinda Riley of Face Value Studio for Cristina’s fabulous hair and make-up!)

Want more? You can check out the entire portfolio of their engagement session here. The password is Cristina’s maiden name and is case-sensitive.

{{swoon}} One of Anne’s favorites that Bill took! Cristina is just stunning!

After Veritas, we headed over the beautiful UVa grounds for the second part of their session.

Anne grabbed this shot through the gorgeous Magnolia tree’s and it’s one of Bill’s favorites from the day! She was on fire and captured so many sweet and sexy moments between c&s.

Congratulations, you two! We can not wait for your U.S. wedding next month!


Brigitte’s Family Portrait

We were lucky enough recently to meet up with our dear friend and colleague from the fabulous Clifton Inn, Brigitte and her family for a portrait session. The timing worked perfectly as her parents were in town visiting from Montreal. Virginia offered them a lesson in incredible heat and humidity, that’s for sure! But we had a relaxing time later that evening and got some wonderful portraits of them all. Here are a few of our favorites. Enjoy your weekend, everyone, and we’ll see you here next week!

Engaged! with Jen&Rob

We’re always up for an adventure, so when the joyful dynamic-duo of Jen and Rob, suggested one of their favorite places, Sugar Hollow, we said “hell, yeah!”  We’ll be documenting their wedding early next year and we can’t wait. It’s always wonderful to see two people who not only love each other deeply, but also really like each other. These two are definitely kindred spirits – they couldn’t stop cracking each other (and us!) up! We were all grateful for the Spring-like weather and warm creek water that morning. We also mixed it up with a change of clothes (and shoes!) for an afternoon session at the site of their wedding, The Boar’s Head Inn. Of course we had to share some of our favorites with you. And if you like, you can see the entire session here. The password, which is case-sensitive, is Jen’s last name. Enjoy!

Jen’s festive shoes also serve as study book ends.

Congratulations on your engagement, j&r! We had so much fun with you both and can’t wait to capture all the merriment and moments for you next January!


Trent’s Watch Me Grow, Session 3

We shouldn’t be the only ones to get to watch our clients’ children grow over the first year or two of life. Why not share? Here are Trent’s first and second Watch Me Grow portrait sessions, and lastly, his third below. He’s grown so much, and is just a few months older than our nephew Bobby, with whom we’ve been having fun photographing as well. It’s been a blast heading down to Lynchburg over the past eighteen months to visit with him and his parents Marcy and Barrett, a couple so sweet and easy-going it’s clear where Trent gets his laid-back personality. It was the perfect Spring day, and I had a blast at the playground in one of their local riverside parks. Want to see more? You can see every image from each of the sessions here. The password is Trent’s last name. Enjoy!