Angela & Webster – Anniversary Portraits in New Zealand

In our last of our New Zealand-themed posts, we’ve saved, quite possibly, the best for last. If you’ve been following our little travel log, you know that Angela and Webster graciously opened up their home to us during our visit to Auckland and served as travel guides for our every adventure while there. Since they had celebrated their first wedding anniversary there, we thought it was fitting to do a portrait session spread over a few days and across various locales with them to professionally document the relationship they had with not only each other, but with the environment they had grown to love over the past several months. These are, of course, just a few of the highlights from the trip. Every traveler should be so lucky as to have friends as generous and thoughtful as these two.

Angela is a shutterbug herself and she’s gotten some amazing photos during their sojourn.

Angela & Web reflected in one of the art sculptures at gorgeous Cable Bay Vineyard on Waiheke Island, one of favorite spots just a ferry ride away from Auckland. Wonderful vineyards with truly million dollar views.

We found an old abandoned boat and had lots of fun shooting in and around it.

Thanks so much, Angela and Webster! We had so much fun exploring Northern NZ with you both and can’t wait to see you again back in our neck of the woods soon!

Family Portrait with Katharine & Saad and Family

With wind chills well below freezing, the weeks surrounding Christmas and the New Years holidays kept all but the most hardy souls indoors. But not Katharine’s family, who made a special trip down to Charlottesville to spend some time together for a family portrait–a surprise to her mom. We had previously documented Katharine and Saad’s wedding in the fall of 2007 when she was working with the amazing florist Helen Olivia, and before they moved to the west coast. So of course it was great seeing them all again and doing a fun shoot (with everyone cuddling quite a lot to stay warm). I loved seeing them again, and here are a few faves from the session.

To see the complete session, simply log in here with your password. Enjoy!

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Bobby Turns One!

Cutest. Nephew. Ever. Yes, I just had to say it. But you don’t have to take my word for it, just see for yourself! Bill and I had a wonderful time getting to photograph him recently, and of course his awesome Mom and Dad who are always great sports around our cameras, and can’t believe he’s already a year old.

Loyal readers may remember his 6-month shoot and it’s so cool to see how much he’s grown in such a short amount of time. He could barely sit up on his own before and now he’s walking! He has hair (and had just had his very first haircut a few days earlier!), loves clapping and look at those teeth! He’s a little boy now, compared with being a baby and it’s delightful to see his personality emerging.

“Pre-Photo Shoot” ;-D



It was a beautiful, chilly day so we decided to head over to Belle Haven park besides the water in Alexandria for some great Fall color.



If there’s one thing for certain, little ones *love* to grab at the big, black lens.


Contrast the lens-grabbing with the session from six months ago:


Back to one year…Gilly? Gilly? Gilly!



No, the biker did not run over him.


Uncle Bill blowing wishes makes it all better, though.


Well, it does look like a lollipop!





One of my all-time faves for sure. He’s going to love this one when he gets older. Okay, maybe not at 15. 😉


Showing us his hands (and his belly button? 😉





Thank you, Andy, Jen & Bobby for such a fabulous day! We can’t think of a better way to spend a gorgeous Sunday afternoon. Love you guys!

Engaged! with Erin&Bryan

We’re taking full advantage of the beautiful Fall weather we’ve been having by making a road trip to South Carolina, where we met up with our good friend Erin and her fiancé Bryan for their engagement portraits one recent afternoon. They brought their puppy bulldog Sukie, who has grown by leaps and bounds since the last time we saw her. We hung out at the Anne Springs Close Greenway and had a blast that afternoon. Such a great time, and we just can’t wait to shoot their wedding here in Charlottesville next Spring! (Scroll down for the link to view their entire online gallery.)
















Ready for more? You can see the entire gallery here! The password is Erin’s last/maiden name.

Engaged! with Taylor&Rob

This fall has been filled with close calls and just downright downpours of rain! Taylor and Rob were recently in town for some wedding planning and had hoped to get together with us for their engagement portrait session one morning. Up until minutes before we were to start, we thought we’d be rained out, working under the various porticos and porches surrounding the University of Virginia’s grounds. But good weather prevailed, and we had a cloudy, but beautiful morning with which to do their portraits! The two of them were so relaxed and fun; we had a wonderful time with them both. Taylor and Rob, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and can’t wait for your wedding next Spring!













Want more? Follow us on to their complete online gallery. The password is Taylor’s last name. Enjoy!

Baby portrait session with Addison

How cool is our job that we get to stay in touch with the people whose lives we’re initially part of as documentarians of their wedding, and then also get to see them when they start a family? Pretty darn cool, actually. Heather and Brian, whose wedding we shot at Heather’s parents farm back in 2005, are preparing to head to France in a few weeks for Brian’s work and wanted to make sure they got some great photos of their awesome little boy Addison before they left. We met recently on grounds at the beautiful University of Virginia and spent some time together capturing some fun moments from the exceedingly expressive Addison. Heather in particular was a real trooper, being that she was a Hokie now hanging out on UVa’s grounds, but I think we made up for it. It was so wonderful seeing the two of you, Heather and Brian, and meeting Addison for the first time! We look forward to seeing you all again when you return from your time abroad.

Check out some of our favorites from the session below, and at the bottom the link to view their entire gallery of images.









Ready to see more? Click here to see their entire gallery of images. The password is Addison’s last name. We’re also delighted to offer free shipping on all orders placed between now and Sunday, October 25. Enjoy!

Natalie’s 3rd Watch Me Grow Session

Third Watch Me Grow sessions are always bittersweet for me, as it’s wonderful continuing to see our friends and their children, but also that it’s our last scheduled visit together. With Allison and Tim, we had first met them for their 2004 Washington, DC wedding and thoroughly enjoyed keeping in touch over the years. They recently returned from a trip to North Carolina and swung through Charlottesville (our fair city) on their way home for Natalie’s 3rd Watch Me Grow session. Now walking, she was eager to explore every facet of her new environment, often prompting her parents to run to retrieve her from whatever precipice toward which she might be heading. I loved our session on the serene grounds of the University of Virginia, and have had a lot of fun catching Natalie’s expressions and tender and fun moments between her and her parents. See below for a few highlights from our recent session. Thank you, Allison and Tim, for continuing to share yourselves and your family with us! We’ve loved being a part of yours.










Trent’s 2nd Watch Me Grow Session

Every time I think I’ve seen it all with baby and toddler portraits, along comes another little one who is just so funny and so adorable it makes you laugh. When I drove down to Lynchburg recently to see Marcy and Barrett and their little boy Trent for his second Watch Me Grow session, they told me he’s taken a liking to pickles. Imagine my ears perking up at that one, so we had a lot of fun just playing around before the big finale. I suspect this liking takes a little getting used to after the first taste, but sure enough he ate the whole thing and proceeded to polish it off with a big slice of watermelon. It was so cool seeing them all again, and I can’t wait to return in a few months for Trent’s third session when he’s walking and getting into even more mischief. Here are a few faves from our recent session in the meantime:

Eat hand before pickles. Check.






Um, yum?


Yea, grass is good, too. ;-D


Julia’s Third Watch-Me-Grow Session

We seem to have done Kate and Julia’s Watch Me Grow sessions in tandem recently, and hours after finishing Kate’s, I was off to Katy & Robert’s home to photograph Julia for her third of her Watch Me Grow sessions. Like Kate, Julia has developed so much into a fun-loving little girl with nary a care in the world. We spent some time drawing but a lot of time out in the yard hanging out with Katy & Robert and just watching for great light and fun moments that afternoon. It was so much fun, and thank you too, Katy & Robert, for allowing me to document the first part of Julia’s life for you. It’s been great.











Kate’s Third Watch-Me-Grow Session

When we first started offering our past wedding clients a series of three Watch Me Grow portrait sessions spread over a year, little did we realize how much of an impact witnessing the start of each of these families would have on us. It has been absolutely wonderful, and with Kate’s last session recently, it’s been so much fun watching her grow and develop her personality as well as her physical being, becoming a delightful little girl wanting nothing more than to play with mom and dad. Here are a few from the last session we really loved, and hope you do too. Thank you, Kristi and Nick, for starting this series, and we hope you’re enjoying all of the images created over the past year for you.











Thomas’ 2nd Watch Me Grow Portrait Session

We were happy to see Thomas, Lissa and Carl’s little boy, for his second Watch Me Grow portrait. The couple brought their little boy to Charlottesville for his session, and we hung out by the beautiful architectural backdrop of the University of Virginia that afternoon. He was such a blast, and one of the fastest-crawling little babies I’ve had a chance to photograph. The little dude is sure to challenge some of his track-and-field peers in the 2028 Olympics. Here are a few of our favorites from that afternoon, and it was wonderful seeing you both again, Lissa and Carl! We’re glad to see you all doing so well.









Danielle & Brian’s family’s portrait at Virginia Tech

I found myself recently down at Virginia Tech’s gorgeous campus for a fun afternoon spent with Danielle and Brian and her family. Danielle was a bridesmaid in Liz and Scott’s fab New York wedding last summer and thought it would be great to have a portrait session done when having her entire family together for her brother’s graduation from Tech. We also got some fun shots of their little boy Connolly, all decked out in his VT gear, and who also just turned one. Here are some of our faves from the relaxing afternoon and hope you enjoy them!








Babypalooza 005

Ok, so we said last time with Harrison that it was the last of the series, but we just wrapped up edits from our recent session with Deb and John’s little boy Jack. We had documented their wedding back in 2004 in DC’s Dupont Circle (and were even up for a quick portrait-related trip to Krispy Kreme–how cool is that?!) and it was wonderful seeing them again.  They were wrapping up a snack for Jack when I arrived, and we spent the rest of the time hanging out with him while he played around the house and yard and engaged his parents in some games. It made for a relaxing yet fun afternoon. It was great meeting Jack and getting to know him, and of course catching up with Deb and John. Congrats, you two, on your new family member! Jack is a real cutie!







Babypalooza 004

Last up in our short series of baby portraits this spring (oh don’t worry, we have another coming up in a couple of weeks) is from lovely Lacey & Evan, who married in the summer of 2005 at Evan’s alma mater, St. Albans School in DC. Their little one Harrison was just a bundle of happiness one recent afternoon at their Bethesda home. His dad had come home to share his lunch hour with the three of them, and he was all about having fun, first with his normal toys and then one of his favorite toys, the TV remote (look Ma, pretty buttons!) He was a delight, I enjoyed seeing Lacey & Evan again and catching up, and look forward to doing so again soon.






This is the largest stuffed animal I’ve ever seen! I think the cats enjoy it more though. I mean, look at those furry paws, and how nice it would be to curl up between them if you’re a cat. Not a bad life, really.