Babypalooza 003

Trips to the park with kids are so therapeutic! Such was the activity we had with Natalie, Allison and Tim’s little girl, when I went to visit for the second session of their Watch Me Grow series. She’s very nearly walking on her own already, so next time you see images of her in this space, she’ll be taking me by the hand and showing me around her new digs in the back yard (a sneak peek below). Despite the clouds that day, everyone had a great time, mostly chasing after Natalie (she can scoot and crawl like nobody’s business–if there was a baby crawling race she’d win!) before wrapping up and heading back home to greet her grandparents, (Allison’s mom and dad) who came out to celebrate the second of her two birthday celebrations. Now that’s how you do it–who wants just one birthday party when you can have two? Such fun.

Also a short note that their cutie-pie dog Scout has been in the animal hospital on a couple of occasions recently and is thankfully home and recovering. We wish you guys all the best and Scout a speedy recovery!








Babypalooza 002

Next up in our series of four baby portraits this spring is from our dear friends Marcy and Barrett, who married in 2005 down in Lynchburg. Their little boy Trent, just a tiny little one so far, had big expressions the day I visited for his first portrait in their Watch Me Grow series. Look at this space in about four months for the next series of images, when he’s more mobile and can easily crawl away from Mr. Nice Photographer Guy. But first, thank you Marcy and Barrett, for having me out that afternoon! I really enjoyed seeing you both again and look forward to the next visit!








Babypalooza 001

Whoo-hoo! We have babies on the brain here at Holland Photo Arts as we’re wrapping up the edits from several baby portrait sessions in a row! Starting us off, is no other than our dear, sweet nephew, Bobby. We went out for a lovely afternoon of shooting on his 6 month birthday and we all had a blast, even though it was crazy windy as you’ll see. We LOVE shooting this little guy and haven’t gotten to nearly enough given our distance from him. Expect that to change!  ;-D
















Evie’s portrait session

Shortly after Christmas I found myself in idyllic Middleburg to meet up with Christina & Aaron, a wonderful couple who married at Christina’s parents’ home back in the spring of ’06. While they live out west, they were lucky enough to be able to return to Virginia for a few days to spend some time with family and celebrate their daughter Evie’s first birthday. They asked me to come up and spend some time that afternoon with them photographing their daughter and well, how could you say no? It was great catching up with what’s been happening in their lives as well as meeting Evie for the first time that day. I have high hopes for returning again next year when she’s two to document some time with her and her parents then too. Thank you, Christina & Aaron, for the opportunity, and enjoy the images!

At first, Evie wasn’t so sure about the afternoon’s turn of events, but she warmed up, especially with a bagel in hand…









we *heart* sedona bride

We’ve gotten such lovely and kind feedback on our recent holiday card, that we thought we’d share a few more of our favorite images from our fun photo shoot with Katrina Wallace and Andrew Mejia of Sedona Bride.

Back in the Spring of last year, we traded portrait sessions with Andrew and Katrina and we photographed them and their adorable son, Kaiden,  in their venue of choice – a cool old laundromat! (Photos from their session follow below.) Our venue of choice was the gorgeous Red Rocks of Sedona and they were kind enough to honor our request to do a shoot where they are always shooting!

We stopped briefly at Tlaquepaque, a beautiful little shopping area modeled after a Mexican village, which is also a popular spot for weddings, but soon headed out to the main attraction: the stunning red rocks! We had so much fun walking around in our bare feet and pretending to be sexy models for them. It’s always a bit uncomfortable for us (read: me, Anne) to be in front of the lens, but Katrina and Andrew made us feel incredibly at ease and their amazing images make us feel like we were sexy models! We had so much fun with them – it was often hard to keep a straight face, hence lots of great laughing shots!

Thank you, Katrina and Andrew for your amazing talent, but also your warm and generous friendship. We are so blessed to be able to call you friends and we can’t wait to see you again soon!











And a few of our favorites from our fun session with the three of them!








T is for Thomas — Watch Me Grow first session

We were lucky enough recently to stop by the Richmond home of Lissa & Carl, whose wedding at The Homestead we had documented two years ago. It was great catching up and seeing how they had been doing, but there was another purpose to the trip, and that was to meet Thomas, their little boy who is just a few weeks old. He offered up such a great variety of expressions during the time we were there, to wonderment, to excitement, to consternation, and sometimes all three within the span of mere seconds. That’s the beauty of photographing babies. We had a great time that afternoon and were grateful to be a part of yet another client’s family as they start down this new phase of their lives. Thank you, Lissa and Carl, for choosing to have Thomas’ life documented over the coming year. Watch this space for more in coming months!







James & Claire’s Watch Me Grow — 3rd session

It’s been the season for great light and wonderful moments! Like Amy & Erik’s wedding about which we just blogged below, I had some wonderful afternoon sunlight with which to do the third portrait session with James and Claire. The twins are now walking and gurgling and making all sorts of cute moves (and sounds). We all met up at Carter Mountain, where families for years have converged to pick peaches, apples, and pumpkins while in-season. Fall is especially popular for the farm’s warm, fresh apple cider and their apple donuts which, when served warm, are unrivaled. We played and explored in one of the nearby peach groves for a bit before returning up the hill to explore the pumpkins which compared in size to James and Claire themselves. To warm ourselves from the cool fall temperatures and blustery wind, we retreated to the barn for a quick donut treat. Yum! It was so much fun and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I’ve been grateful for the opportunity to see the twins grow over the year and love seeing them so playful and their personalities really starting to shine through. Thank you, Lacy & Josh, for bringing your family out for the session! It was great spending the afternoon with  you.













Here’s the view from the barn of Charlottesville down in the valley.


Laci’s portrait session

We had the pleasure two years ago of documenting Tricia & Scott’s wedding in Richmond at the Main Street Station, where we had this most amazing and beautiful sunlight streaming in through the south-facing doors for their wedding ceremony. Their friends were among the most energetic we ever encountered at a wedding, so it didn’t surprise us much to see their beautiful little girl Laci with so much spunk and energy when we drove out to their place for a portrait session–a gift that Scott had given to Tricia upon occasion of the arrival of their firstborn. It was so good seeing them again, and we were just delighted to see them all doing so well. Here are a few of our favorite images from the session:












Margot’s senior portrait

It’s not often we get requests for senior portraits, as most of our portrait work is with babies and little children. But it was a delight to work with Margot, who is in her senior year up in Northern Virginia. We all met up locally at the Clifton Inn for a relaxing afternoon and finding great color with the fall leaves as well as wonderful light. We really couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon. Margot, a serious Washington Capitals hockey fan, was eager too to get a few shots with her favorite jersey, so of course we had to oblige. Here are, of course, a few faves from the session.






Family portrait session at Philip Carter winery

If you checked out our blog yesterday, you saw a few commercial images for Philip Strother’s winery. Here too, are a few of our favorite images from their family’s portrait session. Add three energetic boys and two dogs and you have a good bit of fun!








And of course the vineyard mascots:


Julia’s second Watch Me Grow portrait

Man, does time fly when you’re having fun. After some summer trips and a whole bunch of weddings, we made it up to Arlington for the second Watch Me Grow session with Julia, delightful little girl of Katy & Robert. We converged at their lovely Queen Anne home just outside the normal hustle & bustle of the area, where Julia could play with her toys in the lawn while their family dog joined in. We had some amazing late-afternoon sun and if it weren’t for all the insects taking a sudden interest in us, I think we’d have spent the rest of the evening out there. As it was, Julia had an appointment with a bowl of Cheerios back in their screened-in porch, so we headed inside for a spell to watch her have her way with the whole wheat goodness. It was great seeing you guys again, and look forward to your third session!

Natalie’s first Watch Me Grow portrait

Something’s definitely in the water. We got a call recently from one of our fun-loving 2004 wedding clients, Allison & Tim, excitedly telling us about the new addition to their family, their daughter Natalie. We were thrilled, of course, when they wanted to have us come out and do a Watch Me Grow series of portraits with them, and of course Natalie was pretty darn excited to have some new toys (read: my camera) to play with. We spent some time on a recent fall afternoon with them taking advantage of some beautiful light in her nursery before heading outside to take in the cool fall air. She’s such a cutie, and we can’t wait to see them all again soon when she’s a little bit older. Stay tuned!

Angela’s bridal session

Now that Angela & Webster recently celebrated their wedding (more on that to come soon!), we can finally post images from Angela’s bridal session! We were like kids waiting for Santa to arrive with wanting to blog about her awesome session. Despite the heat, we all had a great time, and as you can see, Angela was just beaming that day.  We did the session in the beautiful garden at the home of Webster’s department chair, Dr. and Mrs. Jane. They and their family were so gracious, and afterwards we all sat down and chatted for a short while and sipped champagne to cool down. Angela’s mom Jill, was in town from Texas to help with some of the wedding planning, and helped too with the easy-going session. We have to give a shout out too, to the good folks at Farmington Country Club, who were happy to accommodate a rain plan and have us do the session there if need be. Thankfully the expected rain that afternoon never had the nerve to show up!

Grady’s portrait session

Okay, so have we mentioned just how cool it is to see past wedding clients with their children? We documented Anne & Todd’s wedding back in fall of 2003 in Lynchburg, and even after they moved to Atlanta, Anne returned to Virginia with their toddler Grady to see family and of course get in a portrait session while he’s still just crawling. We met on the grounds of the University of Virginia and wandered around the historic parts of the school, looking for and finding great light and of course, great architecture. Grady couldn’t have been more curious, and happy to explore his environment and everything in it. He was such a delight (except for this one moment below where perhaps he wasn’t as happy) and generally content to just hang out and play with his toy and make googly eyes at his mom and grandma. It was wonderful, and I was glad to see them. Thanks, Anne, for making the trek! It was great seeing you again.

Martin family portrait

On a very pleasant afternoon recently (pleasant Virginia afternoons in August can be hard to come by!), I was up in Vienna and got together with Andrew Martin and his family for a quick family portrait at the beautiful Meadowlark Gardens. His sister Kat was in town from her home in the Caribbean, and they wanted to have a portrait made while all the kids were in town. Of course I was more than happy to oblige. They were a wonderful and fun-loving family and I enjoyed the brief time we had together! Here are a couple of frames from the session.

Thank you, all, for the time that day! It was a lot of fun meeting you all.