Grace’s 3rd of 3 from Watch Me Grow

One thing we’ve noticed after wrapping up the last of the three Watch Me Grow sessions is that the series seems to be over too quickly. We recommend the last session usually be around the time a client’s baby is walking without assistance, which makes sense, but a year goes by awfully quick. Such was the case with Rebecca & Erik, clients whose wedding was in 2005 and who have had me over to document Grace’s first year of life at their cabin. I’ve been able to watch not only Grace grow, but the addition they made to the cabin to support their growing family. It’s been a fun ride, and each time I came over I was increasingly happy to be there. That personal connection you get with a client that grows stronger with time is an intangible benefit of our careers, and is something for which we’re very grateful.

We made sure while there to do some family portraits of everyone outside, but since it was a bit humid, we decided playtime would best be spent inside, where there was air conditioning. So that’s where we went, including Opie the family dog. Grace is the kind of child who is content to occupy her own time without much other human interaction, but if you add mom or dad to the mix then it’s easy to see her eyes light up and playtime really begin.  It was a great session and I look forward to watching their family change and grow in the coming years.

We tried to get Opie the dog in a few family portraits, but this is about as still (for mere milliseconds) as he could contain himself, he was so happy to just be hanging out with us all. But I think he looks pretty good here.

Hey, I recognize those people!

Dylan & Ian’s 3rd of 3 from Watch Me Grow

There’s something really, in watching two brothers grow up together, especially if they’re twins. We got to see more of Dylan & Ian, twin boys of Nicole & David, whose wedding we documented in 2003, a short bit ago for their last session (can’t believe it already!) from their Watch Me Grow series. These boys are growing like weeds, as my dad used to say, and we all celebrated the beautiful weather that afternoon by heading over to their favorite neighborhood park in their Radio Flyer covered wagon for some fun and games with each other and mom and dad. Their nanny made an appearance for a quick hug and words of encouragement as well, and brought along her cell phone which the boys enjoy for its music-playing abilities. Sometimes they share, and sometimes they don’t, as you can see below. It’s always a pleasure seeing this family and sitting down to catch up with Nicole and David. Too bad they live up in the DC area, but perhaps we can convince them of a more peaceful time here in Charlottesville. 😉 Thanks you guys, we’ve had a blast with you and your beautiful boys!

Kate’s Watch Me Grow – Second session

We were recently up in Northern Virginia to see Kristi and Nick and their darling little girl Kate for her second session in their Watch Me Grow series which, for the uninitiated, sets up portraits at three points during the first year of a child’s life. It’s a lot of fun for us, and this was no exception. One would think that after so many portraits, we wouldn’t be surprised at how much a child grows between sessions, but we always are. Kate is really coming into her own now, showing off her developing personality while being comfortable with declaring to the world, “I dig my rocking horse!” Her nursery is filled with light and choice toys and of course mom and dad, ready to offer a hug at a moment’s notice. Here are a select few from the latest session.

Hobbs Family

A few weeks ago, during a quite massive heat wave through Virginia, I had the pleasure of seeing some former clients of ours, Sunny & Erik, whose wedding we shot back in 2003, along with their twin girls and Sunny’s parents for a quick portrait session at the beautiful Maymont Park in Richmond. Despite the incredible heat that day (we were in the middle of a massive heat wave throughout Virginia with temps hovering in the upper 90s with similar humidity), everyone was a real trooper. We got some great moments, especially with the kids as the sun began to set later that evening. Thank you, all of you, and we hope you enjoy what comes next!

And of course a shot with grandma and grandpa!

Lily Rose, Third session

It seems like just a couple of months ago we were spending time with Jennifer & Greg and their daughter Lily Rose, photographing her smiling at her mom and dad and generally just enjoying herself as a wee baby. To see her now has been an amazing experience, as we wrapped up our third session for their Watch Me Grow series. The weather could not have been nicer, so aside from a short snack break inside in her playroom, we drew with colored chalk on the sidewalk, played in the sandbox, and relaxed on the hammock behind their home. What a nice, relaxing afternoon! We had the pleasure of documenting Jennifer & Greg’s wedding back in 2005 and have grown to become good friends. Our only wish was that we all lived a bit closer so we could get together more often. We all had a fantastic time and look forward to seeing Lily Rose continue growing and seeing what other artwork she decides to display on the sidewalk.

James & Claire, Second session

With spring comes some fun portraits with our clients’ kids! First up is James & Claire, who I visited for their second session of Watch Me Grow with their parents Lacy & Josh here in Charlottesville. Their home was awash with color from the blooming springtime flowers, so we took full advantage of it, and the kids were more than happy to oblige. We hung out for a short bit on their front lawn before heading off to the nearby playground for a little swing action. Claire was all over it but her brother less so, so we returned back home and hung out in the back yard for a bit, playing on the grass and trying to put some well-placed fingerprints on my lenses. It’s all good and a heck of a lot of fun. It’s amazing seeing how much these kids grow between visits, and I can’t wait to see them again in a few months when they’re walking!

Opal’s Watch Me Grow — Third session

Last week we were back up in Arlington to spend time with our resident cutie pie, Opal, and her mom and dad Heather and Brad. Frequent blog readers will remember Heather & Brad’s wedding back in 2004, and our prior to sessions with Opal shortly after she was born and then again a few months ago. It always amazes us how much kids grow in the short time between visits, and our time with Opal was no exception. She now has four teeth coming in (two on top and two on bottom), is very expressive, and just loves to hang out with mom and dad.

She changed clothes, with mom and dad’s help, and is currently at a stage where she’s diggin’ her belly button. Anytime she has good access to it, she’s poking and prodding and, well, just being a cutie-pie. It’s fun to watch. We then we all walked to the neighborhood park for some outdoor shots while playing on the swings and slides and whatnot. This is the last of the three sessions for Watch Me Grow, so we’re bummed about that, but will have to go back up periodically to see everyone anyway. We had a great time together!