Ashlee & Aaron’s Wedding at LaGrange Christian Chruch & Kinston Country Club, NC

Ashlee & Aaron’s Wedding at LaGrange Christian Chruch & Kinston Country Club, NC

Whoo-boy, the merry little elves are busy little, uh, bees, this week wrapping up holiday orders, but we just had to share Ashlee and Aaron’s early winter wedding before this weekend. You may remember this adorable couple from their early Spring engagement session at the beautiful Homestead. (Ironically, we will be back at the beautiful resort in western Virginia’s mountain’s very, very soon to shoot a sweet elopement for a couple and their two children!) Big “A” and Little “a” were married amidst all of their family in friends in the small, neighboring North Carolina towns in which they grew up. It may have been a little chilly. Ok, it was A LOT chilly – just ask the flower girls–but A&a’s smiles throughout the day helped keep everyone happy and warm. Oh, and the band, might have had something to do with that, too, given how hot the dance floor was! A&a, you’ve been so patient, so without further ado…

The talented team:

Church: LaGrange Christian Church
Reception venue & catering: Kinston Country Club
Gown: Monique Lhullier
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Band: Jupiter Jones
Baker: Your Perfect Cake
Stationary: The Green Kangaroo
Videography: Duncan Armsby
Flowers:  Cheryl’s Floral Designs


Ready for more? You can view their complete gallery here and the SnapHappy photobooth images here. The password is Ashlee’s maiden name and is case-sensitive.

Now those, boys and girls, are heels! I would likely break my neck if I even attempted such heights, but man, a girl can dream can’t she? At least I get to take purty pictures of these beauties. (Oh, and yes, this is Anne. Although I do believe Bill would most definitely break his neck, too.) 😉

Love Aaron’s duck tie from Vineyard Vines!

Gotta love those little ones. Hee..hee…

Ash, your smile could light up even the darkest, coldest night. SO beautiful!

Excuse me, I really need to take this call…

Yea, being in weddings can be hard, hard work. Loved this little drama princess.

Quiet moment as Ashlee watches her bridesmaids line up for the ceremony. All fourteen of them!

Time for blast off!

Houston, we have a problem. 😉

Just Married!

Who’s afraid of a few portraits after the sun goes down? Not us! Ashlee was a serious trooper in that 40-degree night air, too. Guess it was a good thing we were only out there for five minutes after all.

First dance!

Adore this sweet moment between Ash and her Dad that Bill captured just after their father/daughter dance.

Cool shot Anne snagged during dancing!

Love, love, love this one.

Dear a&a…

It was so nice arriving for your Friday evening rehearsal after a chilly, rainy, and super windy five-hour drive to see your smiling faces and welcoming hearts. It was as if we had just left off from your engagement session last Spring. Even though it was over much too soon, there were a great many things for which we were grateful at your wedding celebration:

– Your smiles. Yes, we might have mentioned them before (and we just might mention them again!) but, they’d truly heal any rift and lift any heart. They set the day’s (and night’s) tone for all of your 300+ guests.
– Speaking of which, we’d not ever seen such a large grouping of family all together in one spot to support a couple. It means so much that you chose your home towns to say your I Do’s so that everyone who loves you could be there to celebrate with you and support you. What a wonderful and meaningful way to start your married life together.
– If you looked up southern charm in the dictionary (or wikipedia for you youngsters), we’re pretty sure we’d see your smiling faces. You two are as sweet as tea. Sweet tea, of course!
– Everyone’s southern hospitality. (Oh, we love us some southern weddings!) It didn’t matter whose job it might have been to do something–there was always a member of your wedding party or immediate family to step in and take care of it for you.
– We hadn’t seen a get-away vehicle “decorated” in quite some time, and it was fun watching your groomsmen take care of that little task, Aaron on your huge truck.
– That you brought your love for hunting and sense of humor into the day with Aaron’s Vineyard Vines duck tie; Ashlee, your hot pink & camo garters (one to toss and one to keep!); and your beer coozie favors that boldly stated “The Hunt is Over.” Love it!

Well, the day flew by much too fast, but we are so happy to have been a part of it all with you and your families. We love our job and can’t thank you enough for bringing us down to document your wedding day for you and your future generations. Congratulations, you two!


PS – Don’t miss the crazy SnapHappy pics from their wedding on the blog Monday!