Caren & Ed: Happy Anniversary!

Happy Monday everyone! We hope your weekend was as fun as ours was. Today we’re celebrating Caren & Ed’s one year wedding anniversary, with some thoughts from the happy couple about their past year together as well as of course several of their favorite images from the day. Enjoy!

We can’t believe that it has been a whole year since the wedding.  We have had a wonderful time with travels including a honeymoon in Greece, trips to Barcelona and Rome, the Grand Prix in Montreal, as well as visits with family in North Carolina, Utah, Illinois, and Florida.  We have experienced our first home renovation project, a work retirement, and the buying and selling of assorted cars.  In all, marriage has exceeded expectations!  We will be in Napa to celebrate our anniversary and the fact that being together just continues to get better!

Ed’s choices:

Caren’s choices:

The “Just Married” decoration left on the door, a tribute to our kittens from close friends.

Both: This picture always makes me smile.  When we first thought about which photos we would want taken, I knew that I wanted a picture of us with all of the children.  I had in mind a vision of beauty and peace — sweet angelic children gazing up at the camera with perfect smiles.  Of course, photographing small children has never worked that way!  I have no idea why I thought our wedding day would be any different!  The reality of trying to wrestle all of the little ones into a picture was a riot, and this picture never fails to make us laugh.

Both: This picture is simply amazing.  The day was beautiful and it was fun to take pictures in front of the museum.  However, I had no idea that we would end up with a picture like this.  It seems like a poster — and yet — there we are in it!  It ended up being one of our favorite photos and it hangs on our wall now.  It is a magical picture of a magical moment on a magical day.