Alison & Jasper on the COVER of Washingtonian Bride and Groom magazine!

Alison & Jasper on the COVER of Washingtonian Bride and Groom magazine!

We were so excited when the editors at Washingtonian Bride and Groom reached out to us recently after selecting an image of Alison & Jasper for the cover of their latest issue–Winter & Spring 2015!  A&J were married this past Spring at Farmington Country Club in Charlottesville, Virginia and we knew even then their wedding was unique. We’re so grateful, too to be one of their top photography studios on their Best Of list again! Other top area wedding professionals and couples recently tying the knot vote for the DC area’s best.

Thank you so much, Washingtonian Bride & Groom and thank you, A&J!




Liz & Scott’s Wedding at Charlottesville’s Clifton Inn, Part 1

Happy Friday, everyone! Ok, so Friday’s may just be known around here as “real wedding day” in season, but we’re sure we’ll find some time to come up for air and will have some fun FAB Finds for you soon. In the meantime, you don’t mind seeing some gorgeous recent weddings, do you? Nah, didn’t think so. 🙂

First, though – OMG, is it hot enough around here for you? Well, we hope you’re either somewhere with abundant air conditioning or preferably, sipping a chilled adult beverage poolside somewhere. Reading this of course then, on your favorite tablet or laptop. Regardless, we’re so thrilled today to share with you Liz and Scott’s touching wedding celebration out at the elegantly casual Clifton Inn. (You didn’t miss their super sneak peek of some of favorite details from the day, did you?) Enjoy some of our favorites from the first part of the day, and tune in later this afternoon for part 2 – the celebration to end all celebrations!

Want more? Check out the complete wedding gallery here. The password is Liz’s maiden name.

Seriously. I die. (Yes, this is, Anne, but I think Bill kinda liked it, too. 😉 ) Love, love, love Liz’s dress and even more seeing it on her! Wow!

Yes, please.

Scott and his family react as they listen to a song his dad composed just before his passing. It was never recorded until just recently when done as a surprise for Scott on his wedding day. Learning the story brought tears to our eyes, too.

Where’s Scott? Hee, hee…such a cool shot, Bill!

This is the best in helpful groomsmen. Actually holding a beer to your mouth so you keep your hands free to waive no mas!

The Route 11 potato chips were very popular with the guys! Eat Local. 🙂

Stunning…that word is not even adequate to describe how radiant Liz looked.

Beautiful vintage white Packard to take Liz and her parents to the church.

One of Bill’s favorite shots of Anne’s…

And one of Anne’s favorites of Bill’s from the day.

We love Dads and bouquets, what can we say.

Liz’s equally gorgeous sister. Yup, it clearly runs in the family, but it actually extended to her entire bridal party and “ladies in waiting”.

Love the pop of green against their black dresses.

And LOVE this idea – Liz had her Mom and Scott’s carry miniature replicas of their wedding bouquets! How sweet is that?!

LOVE this look Liz is giving Scott at the start of the ceremony.

A well documented kiss….

And exit! Two-fisting the camera action. That’s one talented guest.

Just Married!

Of course, it started pouring down rain just before Liz & Scott arrived back at Clifton in a sleek, silver Jaguar, but their incredible staff had her covered.

Yummy letter press invitations from Epitome Papers. Yes, we said yummy. Don’t judge. It’s been a long week. 😉

The ladies had monogrammed vases for their bouquets at the reception.

Finally, a break in the rain…and just in the nick of time for their walk down to the tent!

Yes, Scott just did that. Seriously! So sweet. 🙂

Dear l&s,

Weddings are, by definition, emotional events our couples and their families. And it’s those displays of emotion that really drive us, that nourish us, that give us the primary reason to do what it is we do–capture them in all their intimate beauty. Some weddings just shake us up inside, and we well up with gratitude for the ability to document it all, preserving the fleeting moments for generations to come. Yours was the epitome of all this, starting with that look of excitement from your friends and family, Liz, looking in on you while getting your make-up done, to Scott–listening for the first time to that song that your father composed just before he passed. Combined with your toasts that evening and your families’ reactions? Well, being there to witness that is a precious thing indeed. We got a just a sneak peek at what was to be when we did you engagement portrait session, and loved it all.

But, of course a very cloudy day seemed to have a sky that just broke open with a huge downpour just as we were returning to Clifton Inn from the church, delaying things in the gardens for your portraits, but no worries. You took it all in with grace and happily gave us time to create some sweet portraits for you both in Clifton’s lush gardens. We didn’t think it could get any better, but then we got to see your tent. Wow. You and Augusta created a space of such warmth, joy and excitement for the evening to come. Those lanterns! Oh. My. Gosh. So beautiful and unique – we’re pretty certain once everyone arrived, they completely forgot about the rain. We know we did. And, little did we know, just how much your guests would not let a little clouds and rain get them down, because they got down on the dance floor that night. Whoo. Did they get down! And we’ll be honest – we might have feared for our feet at just a few times (darn those Death Heels), but it was so totally worth it.

Watching you quietly head outside the tent later that evening to sit back and watch as your family and friends celebrate was for us a “Yes!” moment. It was so nice capturing that unscripted, completely real moment for you and we just love that you stopped to take it all in. Thanks so much for providing such beautiful, poignant, emotional moments throughout the day–thank you for simply being you. For your trust, and your friendship. Congratulations to you both!!


Coming up next…the big celebration!