Emily & Scott’s Wedding at Strong Mansion in Frederick, Maryland

Emily & Scott’s Wedding at Strong Mansion in Frederick, Maryland

We could not be more excited today to share our first wedding of the season with you. We just adore these two! You see, Emily was the maid of honor at sweet Maya’s wedding back in 2010. When she contacted us last year for her wedding to Scott, well, we just might have done the happy dance. We remembered Emily as not only stunningly beautiful, but one of the nicest, most considerate people we’ve ever met. We didn’t get to have as much interaction with Scott that day (except on the dance floor–dude can get down!) we knew if he was with Emily, we were going to love him. And we did. They were so full of emotion that day and we were so honored to get to be a part of it all. Pretty sure these two need to be in a magazine somewhere! ;-D

Want to see more? Of course, you do. Feel free to view check out their personal gallery. Its password is Emily’s maiden name (and is case-sensitive). Enjoy!

Venue: Strong Mansion
Florist: Growing Wild
Officiant: Bill Cochran with Say I Do Your Way
Caterer: Canapes Catering
Ceremony music: Chris Dunn Guitar
DJ: Adam with Bryan George Music
Gown: Augusta Jones
Hair: Kelley with Amie Decker Beauty
Make-up: Leslie with Strategic Skin

Bill’s Faves of Anne’s:


Anne’s Faves of Bill’s:

And of course a few fave details from the day…


Dear e&s,

Ok, so as we may have mentioned once or twice, we’re incredibly grateful to have gotten to kick off the start of our wedding season with you both – as well as your friends and family. (SO great getting to see so many smiling, familiar faces, too – Maya & Josh, Alanna & Craig, Kat & Becky to name a few.) Of course the festivities started out Friday with a scramble to eradicate the armada of gnats invading the mansion’s grounds, but things were quickly put to rest by your crack team on Saturday, with Katie wrapping up the mission returning triumphantly waving a can of Off in the air and proclaiming, “I sprayed the shit out of those chairs!”

It was clear early on your guests would experience an event highly personalized to the two of you, thanks to all the items you made as decor and as favors, Emily. Even when you held up signs with “Thank” and “You”, you first went for the “You Thank” look, which seemed particularly funny. It felt warm, personal, and irreverent. Just like you both.

Emily, you’ve heard us say it before, but wow, you have likely made many other brides jealous today. You were perfection. It was not surprising to see Scott’s eyes well up with tears when he turned around to see you during your First Look and then again as you came down the aisle with your dad. Speaking of your dad, we loved how he opened his welcome with, “I’m Dan [last name] and I approve this wedding!” to much laughter and applause, especially apropos given our proximity to the nation’s capital in an election year.

We knew your day was going to be full of love–not only for each other, but your dear friends and family, and full of joy during the ceremony especially and of course as befitting you U 0f R ladies, a jam packed dance floor filled with wild abandon. Hmm…we might be starting to see a trend here. Needless to say, we love it!

Thank you so much, e&s for inviting us to celebrate your first day as husband and wife together. We are so honored to have been a part of it all.



Kimya & Brian’s Wedding Featured in Grace Ormonde Wedding Style

Kimya & Brian’s Wedding Featured in Grace Ormonde Wedding Style

How sweet! Two of our couples from this past year have their weddings featured in Grace Ormonde within a week of each other! (Something in the water perhaps?) 😉 You already saw Stacy & Craig’s feature and now we’re thrilled to share Kimya & Brian’s, now on the Wedding Style blog. Jodi Moraru & her incredible team at Evoke did such an unbelievable job with the decor (seriously, don’t think Anne’s jaw had ever dropped that far when she walked into the ballroom that day) and making sure all the day’s events went off without a hitch. We’re so happy, too, that we could be a part of such an amazing and talented team. Congratulations, Kimya & Brian!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Stephanie & Shane’s Wedding at Charlottesville’s Veritas Vineyards

Once again, we arrive to today thinking, holy cow is it Friday already? I’m beginning to sound like a broken record. But hey, Fridays often mean a great wedding to share, and today’s no exception. Enjoy Stephanie and Shane’s celebration, and have yourselves a great weekend!

Ready for more? View their complete wedding gallery here. The password is Stephanie’s maiden name and is case-sensitive.

The Fab team:
Venue and catering: Veritas Vineyards
Baker: Favorite Cakes
Florist: Pat’s Floral Designs
Videographer:  United Wedding Video
Band: Source

Once again Pat’s Floral Designs hit it out of the park with one of our favorite bridal bouquets of all time! Okay, so we have lots of favorites. ;-D

These two were steaming up our lenses. Seriously. Hot.

Stephanie & Shane met while in the Army and we LOVED her camouflage pumps!



Distracting the flower girl until it’s time to walk. Always a classic, this time with a modern twist. 🙂

It just so happened to also be Stephanie’s mom’s birthday, so they celebrated with a surprise cake for her.

Dear s&s,

Okay, so we don’t think we’ve laughed so hard or so often at a wedding as much as we did while documenting yours. Heck, we’re still laughing! The dry humor and endless jokes between the two of you and your families by themselves kept a smile on our faces all day. Because it was, after all, “our day”–how could it not? It was so cool how you displayed for all the nascent email conversations between Shane and your Dad, Stephanie, using wording and a sense of humor only a servicemember or veteran could fully appreciate. Its display at the tisch set the mood for the day for your arriving guests, as they flit back and forth between the energetic tisch and your sweet bedecken. We also loved the look your parents gave you during the processional, just before you circled each other at the very beginning of your ceremony. Parents could not have been happier nor more proud.

And just in case your friends weren’t sure if you were serious about your party that night, we’re certain your hora set a record for longevity  in a dance. Whew! Heck, our arms are still tired! Despite the evening’s little unexpected glitches, you took everything in stride and rose to dance the night away. We so enjoyed spending the day with you, celebrating with your families, and wish so much that you didn’t live so far away. Thank you for inviting us to be a part of your celebration, allowing us into your lives for this brief moment to document it all for you. We had an absolute blast and we wish you many, many years of laughter together.

Peace & love…

Hillary & Simon’s Wedding at Virginia’s Shrine Mont

Happy Friday! Today we’re sending “sweet as” congratulations today to Hillary and Simon, recently celebrating their wedding at beautiful Shrine Mont in rural Virginia. The couple traveled from their home in New Zealand (hey, we’ve been there!) to return to the land of Hillary’s youth, while Simon’s family flew across the pond from Scotland, many for the very first time (really folks, Virginia isn’t usually that hot!). Bill met up with the couple at 9am a few days prior to their wedding for a 90-degree+ engagement portrait shoot in and around the woods near her parents’ home.

When you’re ready, you can view their complete wedding here. The password is Hillary’s maiden name.

Can you tell this is one laid back couple? We LOVE it!

And now, the day of the wedding…

The Family Affair team:

Venue: Shrine Mont
Catering: Shaffer’s BBQ
Flowers: Wildflowers by Simon’s parent’s, Jay & Anne Goodwin
Officiant & Cake: Hillary’s Mom, Jan McDonald
Reception entertainment: Jan Smith & the Honeybirds

Many guests enjoyed a quick dip in the pool that afternoon prior to the ceremony. (They probably wouldn’t have minded if the actually ceremony had taken place in there!) While Shrine Mont is up in the mountains and thus a few degrees cooler than its valley-born brethren, it was still pretty darn hot that day. Real feel of 115. (Thanks, Accuweather! Not.) Doesn’t it make you feel cooler just looking at it that crisp blue water?

Hillary and Simon opted to walk to outdoor cathedral at Shrine Mont (built in 1924!) and process together, led by Hillary’s mom, an Episcopalian priest who has worked at Shrine Mont for a number of years.

A dear friend, a professional fiddler from Scotland, serenaded the guests prior to the ceremony and then played for the couple.

There were a couple of very helpful little girls fanning Simon wherever he walked.

Why wait when you have can have a champagne toast immediately after the ceremony? Sounds good to us!

BBQ and cornbread. Yum!

Paper lanterns create an irresistible pull for those aspiring high-jumpers.

Dear h&s,

The most important thing for any of our clients is for them to celebrate their wedding the way they wish, being true to who they are. By that criteria alone, yours was absolutely perfect. It was truly a family affair, what with your mom, Hillary, not only officiating your ceremony, but baking your cake and cupcakes, and Simon, your parents and Hillary’s dad arranging wildflowers for the altar and bouquet picked that morning from a nearby pasture. And the choice of Shrine Mont was incredibly personal for you, Hillary, having served as a camp counselor in your teens and your mom simultaneously serving as a priest. The ceremony site was among the most unique and beautiful we’ve ever seen, and the serenity one feels upon stepping foot in the sacred open space was the perfect emotional state for a wedding. It was an especially nice touch to see all of your close family members approach to offer words of wisdom and readings.

After a BBQ dinner (pork as well as beef, as if one simply weren’t enough goodness), your bluegrass band got everyone up and kept them up for the remainder of the evening. The heat was forgotten and there was so much swinging and dancing and frolicking the energy was absolutely infectious. Everything was just so relaxed and low-key and easy-going, it was such a pleasure for me to be a part of it all and document your celebration for you. It fit you both perfectly to a T. And that’s all one could ask for. Thank you so much for having me out and many best wishes to you both!

Peace & love…
…b (&a)

Kimya & Brian’s Wedding at the Omni Shoreham, Part 1

Hey everybody! Today and tomorrow we’re sharing with you one of the most visually stunning weddings you’re likely to ever see. Just gorgeous, and what a fun couple! Kimya and Brian were so incredibly happy and…well, why don’t you see for yourself, then be sure to return tomorrow to see the exciting conclusion–a HUGE party! A special thanks goes out to our dear friends Andrea Hubbell for coming up from C’ville to third shoot and to Karen Papadales for her invaluable and tireless assistance throughout the day. See if you can spy a few of Andrea’s images sprinkled in here and there. She got some great ones! And go check out Part 2, where you get to see more of the unmatched design talents of Jodi Moraru of Evoke DC and her amazing team of professionals. Just wow, Jodi. We were absolutely thrilled to be a part of k&b’s incredible event and hope you all enjoy their pics!

Want more? Check out the complete gallery of wedding images here. The password is Kimya’s maiden name and is case-sensitive. You can also see all the SnapHappy Studio photo booth images (same password).

Update: We’re delighted to announce Kimya & Brian’s wedding was featured within Grace Ormonde Wedding Style!

Gorgeous with a capital G.

Brian’s cheeks must have hurt from smiling *all* day! See above photo if you’re wondering why. 😉

Cotton “flakes”?!?

As always, Philippa Tarrant brought her A-game!

Kimya & Brian had a combined Christian & Persian ceremony so the Sofreh Aghd was set up in front of the gazebo.

The Sofreh or wedding spread includes traditional items that all hold special significance to the Persian wedding ceremony, such as the Holy book and the honey that the couple dip their pinky fingers in and feed each other during the ceremony. Mahsa & Shahed of Sofreh Atelier did an amazing job with k&b’s setup.

Our future competition? 😉

Just adore this one. Our eyes just linger a little bit longer every time we see it. Such joy on your faces and everyone surrounding you.

It’s Summer. Typical response from a groom having a hard time getting the ring over that one last knuckle.

Dear k&b,

On a day that you two seemingly couldn’t stop smiling (and why would you? It’s your wedding day!) ;-), we so enjoyed watching you just take it all in. And there was just so much to take in. Your guests applauding as you and each of your wedding party come down the aisle (and that was for the processional!) really set the mood for the day. Even the cotton “flakes” drifting lazily through the air seemed to fit in with the dreamy afternoon during your participatory dual-faith ceremony. We almost had to pinch ourselves – was this all real? The answer was a resounding yes and then some.

Little did we know there was even more yummy goodness to come. We can just imagine the feeling your guests had when they entered the ballroom foyer, bathed in a purple glow with warm candles. We’re pretty sure their jaws dropped just a little bit then when they entered the transformed (literally) ballroom. We know ours did! The tufted bars on a riser on the right, the engaging band playing on the left, the enormous, patterned dance floor set on the diagonal in front of them…and then curiously, soft draping on the back wall. Hmmm…what could that be, they wondered? How fun to keep them in suspense and give them such a fun surprise. We loved it!

Later on, amid some rock star-grade lighting, your guests were completely wowed when that the stage lights came up and that soft draping slowly opened revealing you both among not just your own delicately decorated wedding cake, but a fun and personalized groom’s cake, two croque en bouche’s, AND two tiered tables full of cupcakes. Kimya, the way you took aim at Brian’s mouth while feeding each other cake was so funny! Should we blame it on the sugar rush? 😉

Kimya, you, your Mom and Jodi made an incredible team in the the design, feel and execution of your day. Each and every detail was special and unique — from your french fry station during cocktails and the warm chocolate-chip cookie & cold milk cart,  to the rolling Scotch and dessert carts that joined people on the dance floor so they didn’t even have to leave their spot to enjoy some of the finer things in life. The two video screens by the bars showing slide shows of you both and your favorite family photos were a big hit and of course, as you saw yesterday, your guests let their freak flags fly in the SnapHappy Studio. So. Much. Fun!

Well, needless to say, everything was just incredible and we felt like little kids in a candy store with all there was for us to photograph. But, you know what the very best part of it all was? That we were present to witness and document your absolute love for each other. And not just your love, but your sincere “liking” of each other. (Is that word? Well, if not, it should be.) It was that easygoing joy that made a truly un-real setting feel real. Honestly, looking back, we were so surprised given all the gorgeous grandness of it all, how your warmth and utter joy managed to make the day actually feel very intimate.

It was such a pleasure being present and in the moment with you as you celebrated your wedding, Kimya & Brian. Thank you so much to you both and your loving families for including us. It’s one we won’t soon forget.

Oh, and congratulations!!!! 🙂


Hillary & Jeremy: Happy Anniversary!

We hope everyone had a great weekend! We shot a wonderful wedding at a gorgeous brand-new Charlottesville venue (look to the blog for more in coming weeks) and relaxed with friends and their sweet, little boy on Sunday. (Of course, we couldn’t resist taking a few shots of him, as well, which we can’t wait to share soon, too.) Today we’re happy to celebrate the anniversary of Hillary and Jeremy, who were married at Veritas Vineyards one year ago. We reached out to them recently about their first year of being husband and wife, and of course some of their favorite moments from the wedding. Here’s what they had to say.

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year. We were quite busy after the wedding… adopted a dog and bought a house within three months of being married! We love being “parents” to our dog, Barley, and learning the ins and outs of being first time homeowners. We’ll be going to the beach for a quick get-a-way to a bed and breakfast to celebrate our first anniversary- and of course have the top tier of our wedding cake!

Hillary’s faves:

A memorable moment for me with my Mom and Dad right before the ceremony… a moment I had been anxious about, but that turned out to be special.

Love how peaceful and still this picture is… and how sweet Jeremy’s face looks.

I love this picture! It’s timeless and takes me back to all the nerves, excitement, and anticipation I was feeling at that moment… 

Jeremy’s faves:

I love this because I can see the happiness in Hillary’s eyes and the giddiness in her smile. Her face is expressing what I’m feeling. 

It looks like a fairytale shot with me being happy seeing her so happy.

I just remember how emotional this moment was. Catherine expressing how great of a person Hillary is and me feeling lucky to be married to her.

Their joint faves:

Our first moment alone… the excitement and reality setting in of what had actually just happened. We were officially married. 

A great shot of “us”. Just genuinely happy to be together- and surrounded by our friends and family.

A cute shot- spur of the moment- hadn’t rehearsed that moment- both looking coyly at each other… ready to get the party started!

Happy anniversary, you two! Thanks so much for sharing – we *love* your favorites, too!


Valerie & Jared’s Wedding at Veritas Vineyard

Happy Friday, everybody! Today, we get the pleasure of celebrating a recent wedding that coincidentally also happened on a Friday. Congratulations to Valerie and Jared!

First off – the FAB team that helped make this day a reality for this adorable couple:
Hair & Makeup: Elan
Bridal Gown: Maggie Sottero
Venue & Catering: Veritas Vineyard & Winery
Floral Design: Pat’s Floral Designs
Baker: Cakes Unlimited
Officiant: Mike Teeter & Ellenann Mach

Ready for more? You can view the complete wedding gallery here. The password is Valerie’s maiden name.

We started out the morning at the Charlottesville City Courthouse, where a retired sheriff’s deputy performed their “official” wedding ceremony, lasting all of three minutes and beginning with the officiant telling Jared, “Repeat after me…’You’re probably right.'” Ha. Ha.

Back out to Veritas for the afternoon’s festivities and a ceremony for family and friends.

First sight!

There were other frames as part of the sequence below we’re not showing. Let’s just say the hound felt free to snoop around a bit.

Say it with us now. “Awww…..” The little girls loved Valerie’s veil.

Love the look Valerie is giving her dad.

Can you see why so many people get married at Veritas? Crazy beautiful.

Just married!

The favors were egg cups (Jared’s first Christmas gift to Valerie, along with Ritter Sport chocolate from Germany) filled with personalized M&M’s and the colors corresponded with which table you sat. So unique!

This might be the best mother-son dance shot we’ve gotten this year. Love that joyous smile!

How cool is this? Instead of a traditional guest book, they took a photo of themselves and had a puzzle made out of it. Their guests signed the back, and they’ll frame it in glass on both sides to enjoy one or the other as they see fit. 29 is an important number for them, as they were married on the 29th of the month, followed the next month by Valerie’s birthday on the 29th, and then of course Jared’s the month after that on yes, the 29th.

Dear v&j…

While the Twitterverse or whatever it’s called was agog over that Other Wedding happening across the pond, we were lucky enough to celebrate with the two of you and your families. One of the best things a client can do for their wedding is to simply be themselves, enjoying the day as they see fit – thus letting us capture you being you. Well, you did all that and more. It was such fun meeting you at the local courthouse the morning of your celebration to watch as you tied the knot in the state’s eyes (in your respective college tees!), then getting together later in the afternoon for your first sight out amid the vineyards overlooking Afton Mountain. The “watch” dogs were their own special kind of welcome committee for especially you, Valerie, as you both walked back up to the dirt path. It seems that white dresses serve as some sort of specialized canine magnets.

Kids always serve as lighthearted entertainment at weddings, and the little ones at yours were no exception. Your casual nature and joy on your wedding day made everyone (including us) feel calm, relaxed and above all, cherished and special. Your smiles were huge and your tears were real. We truly enjoyed documenting the tight bonds you have with your respective families, and the warm-hearted thoughts they had for you both made it clear how much you were loved. You literally lost yourselves in moments throughout the day and we absolutely love that we were able to be a part of it all. It was incredibly clear to all involved – this was meant to be.

Thank you, and congratulations! Here’s to 29 years together and beyond!


Amy & Erik’s New Albums

This week we get a two-fer in albums! Amy and Erik, as well as Amy’s parents, simultaneously ordered their albums which just came in and are on their way to the happy recipients.

The fine art album has proven popular with parents. It features a gallery-style layout with one professionally-printed 5×7 on each page.

Wanting something a little smaller yet holding more photos and a more varied visual layout, Amy and Erik opted for one of our coffee table books.

Emily & Jonathan’s New Album

Oh, how we love getting new albums in the mail. It’s fun looking through them, remembering the moment we captured each of the images displayed in the album. We also like seeing again what our clients chose as their favorite photos from their wedding day. Emily and Jonathan’s album was no different, and we took a few minutes this morning to photograph it for you as well. Enjoy!

Emily & Jonathan: Happy Anniversary!

So this week we get to celebrate not one, but two anniversaries! Congratulations today to Emily & Jonathan, who married a year ago at historic Meridian House. And as usual, we’ve asked them about their favorite images and moments from the day, and this is what they had to say:

Our first year of marriage has been absolutely terrific.  Jonathan and I finally moved in together in August — three months after the wedding.  We’ve been enjoying our time together and are very excited to be celebrating one year since the wedding.  Of course, thank you again for your part in making it such a special occassion!

Emily favorites:

Jonathan’s favorite:

Their joint favorites:

Erin & Bryan: Happy Anniversary!

We’re delighted this morning to celebrate the first anniversary of our dear friends Erin & Bryan. We touched based with them recently to ask about their wedding and their experiences as a couple since, as well as to share with us some of their favorite images from their celebration. Enjoy!

Saturday morning blueberry pancakes with our bulldog, Sukie, crossing the finish line after running a half-marathon together, flipping through wedding photos late at night,  fitting into each other perfectly, driving to Harris Teeter at 1 AM just to get eggs so that we could satisfy our toll-house cookie craving,  snorkeling through the baths in The British Virgin Islands, laughing about our idiosyncrasies, biting into a cupcake on the street corner in NYC, roaming the streets of Beacon Hill, dancing to bluegrass music in Asheville, playing frisbee in the park on Sunday afternoons, starting our book collection, figuring out “our” side of the bed, discovering bacon lollipops at Founding Farmers in DC,  watching Sukie take her first steps in the ocean at St. Simons Island, and knowing that we’ll wake up next to each other in 70 years…still in love, still learning about each other, and still as excited about the future together as we are today.

Here are some of their favorite images:

Erin: This was the first time that I was walking into the Veritas on the wedding day & I was able to see everything all together.  My mom strung all those origami cranes by hand, and it took her forever!  I couldn’t believe how amazing everything looked. I loved how you captured my reaction – I was in awe.

Erin: I love this photo of my grandmother.  My grandmother is French and always gives me the best advice on marriage.  She once told me that when you’re married, the most important thing is to never take one another for granted…I remember that everyday. (erin)

Bryan: This guy was one of our football teammates and was always the life of the party. This is one of his standard moves at each wedding. We always said that if anyone of us had one million dollars, we’d pay him an annual salary to hang out with us.

Both: This photo is our all-time favorite.  I remember Bryan just whispered in my ear, “forever, babe…just me and you.” We were completely lost in this moment. (It’s one of our all-time favorites too!)