Becky & Joe’s Wedding at Hotel Monaco Washington DC

Becky & Joe’s Wedding at Hotel Monaco Washington DC

Whoa, it be the weekend! Hi everyone, and we’re glad you’re joining us. We’re happy celebrating another great wedding with Becky & Joe, about whom you can read and see more about their incredibly fun wedding. And afterward, check out their complete personal gallery. The password is Becky’s maiden name and is case-sensitive. Have a great weekend!

The fab team:
Venue & catering: Hotel Monaco DC
Event planning and design: Anne with ATrendy Wedding
Florist: Philippa Tarrant
Stationery: Heather Bianchi
Calligraphy: Bride
Band: Millennium band
Gown: Amsale
Baker: Fluffy Thoughts Cakes
Make-up and hair: Bridal Artistry
Lighting: John Farr Lighting

Bill’s faves of Anne’s:

Anne’s faves of Bill’s:

Some fun details:

We’re fans of this trend…

Indeed! This one was hanging on even our door that night.

Dear b&j,

We had to laugh when, during your ceremony, your rabbi talked about the things you two had in common and those which you decidedly did not, such as the organizations you worked for being philosophically diametrically opposed to one another. If opposites attract, and from what we’ve seen, they do, the two of you are the perfect match. We remember when we met up for drinks a couple of months ago to get to know each other and pretty much couldn’t stop laughing about all of this. (And we’re 99% sure the sangria wasn’t responsible. The other 1% was decidedly sangria’s fault.) We knew from that point on there’d be no lack of fun on your wedding day. The fact that you had a “life size” cut out of your beloved pup, Walter, welcome everyone into the reception just proved it.

Joe, we’re pretty sure we haven’t seen a trombone player with shades, natch, play with such enthusiasm as depicted in that huge poster your groomsmen created for your best man’s toast. While  it elicited a hilarious reaction from your guests, it illustrated the intensity with which you approach life, taking in every moment and savoring each morsel. And when you got on the dance floor with your mom for your mother-son dance, we had no idea it would be to get the party started, and wow did it ever! You couldn’t move after that it was packed the rest of the night–what a great way to kick off the evening.

Becky, are you a lawyer or a rapper, ’cause we’re honestly not sure anymore. Girl, you’ve got mad talent. Well, at least you have a fallback career in the music industry, should lawyering ever get old. 😉

When the two of you saw each other in the intimate alcove within the hotel, we watched as whatever stress and worry you had just melted away as you hugged each other. Across the street at the National Portrait Gallery (how apropos for your wedding day portraits), you two were naturals, falling into each others arms and resting comfortably for whatever we asked of you. Thank you for your trust in us. We had a fantastic time and are so thrilled for you both. Congratulations!


SnapHappy Photo Booth Shots from Ashlee & Aaron’s Wedding

Aaron and Ashlee (big A & little a to friends) had us bring our SnapHappy photo booth with us to their wedding so their guests could entertain themselves with self-portraits. Below are a few choice frames from the many captured that night. Enjoy, and 2012 clients, if you want this kind of fun at your wedding, let us know and we’ll bring SnapHappy to yours!




Annamaria & Jay’s Wedding at Farmington Country Club, Charlottesville

Annamaria & Jay’s Wedding at Farmington Country Club, Charlottesville

It’s Friday, so that must mean it’s a great day for sharing a wedding with you all before you head off on a weekend of shopping! We’re so happy to share Annamaria & Jay’s heartfelt celebration with you to get you in the perfect mood. Enjoy!

Ready for more? You can view their complete wedding. The password is Annamaria’s last name and is case-sensitive.

The talent team:
Venue and catering: Farmington Country Club
Florist: Floral Images
Hot Air Balloon: Boars Head Balloons
Band: Great Expectations
Make-up & hair: Face Value Studio
Gown: Ulla Maija
Harpist: Eve Watters
Stationary: The Dandelion Patch

We met up with Jay and Annamaria the Thursday before their wedding to do a few “day before” pics. They wanted to get a nice variety of portraits to take advantage of the seriously gorgeous Fall foliage and not have to rush them on the wedding day.  And we’re all SO glad we did as that Saturday was super cold and crazy windy. We love that they did their First Sight before their wedding day! Even with a little tux mishap, everyone was so relaxed and even Anna Maria’s adorable daughter got caught up in the excitement.

Yea, she may have stolen the show more than once, but she was just getting warmed up!

Starting off the wedding day…

Checking out the dress…

Their ring bearer may not have been as enthusiastic, at least at first. But he rose to the occasion. Anne love, love, loves this capture that Bill got before the ceremony!

Yea, they were at it again and we just couldn’t help ourselves.

There was a moment of levity just as the ceremony began, when the Wedding March was played just after Annamaria made it down the aisle. Good laughs all around and they wouldn’t be the last during the ceremony either, officiated by Jay’s friend Senator Mark Warner.

As the ceremony concluded, Senator Warner (who is a former Virginia governor for those not into politics) declared, “By the power vested in me, by me, I now declare that you are husband and wife…”. Yup that got some more laughs, and resulted in a good story later on that night.

They had intended to give all of their guests (a few at a time) tethered hot air balloon rides, but as you can see from Annamaria’s bundling up, the wind was crazy blowing, and they were lucky enough to get the balloon up for just a couple of minutes while we got a shot with them and the girls before it basically blew over.

Their dessert bar included Hungarian treats in a nod to Annamaria’s heritage.

Both Jay and his daughter, Katie graduated from UVa so Charlottesville was a sentimental choice for his and Annamaria’s wedding.

Being of very good mind and sound judgment, they asked us to bring the SnapHappy Studio along, which we happily obliged. A few of our faves:

Dear a&j,

Your wedding celebration was the perfect mix of stylish party and irreverent fun. The natural, easy-going attitude you brought with you for your weekend made it what it was and set the tone for your friends and family in attendance. No matter how cold it was outside, everyone could feel the warmth in the room. Especially during the toasts! Thinking back, we are grateful for a good number of things about getting to be a part of your wedding:

  • You took such great care in selecting locally-grown, sustainable fare that Virginia is known for such as Carter Mountain apples and local vino. They couldn’t have walked away from that dinner hungry. It’s a good thing Great Expectations was in house to get them movin’ and groovin’.  (Yea, we said groovin’. We’re nerds. So glad you you don’t hold it against us. 😉 )
  • Even when the wind blew so hard it made ballooning difficult at best, the balloon guys were still dedicated to at least giving you a portrait with the balloon all lit up against the evening sky. Gorgeous! At least for the 30 seconds it was up.
  • You totally laughed off the ceremony musical timing mismatch, giving your guests a good chuckle in the process and setting the mood for a wonderfully light-hearted wedding ceremony.
  • This was definitely the first time we’ve had an officiant declare self-invested powers to marry. That was pretty funny. If not 100% true. Hee, hee.
  • That dessert bar had something for everyone (we may have sneaked one or two of those delicious little…ooops…we wouldn’t want to incriminate ourselves). 🙂
  • Hearing how much photography was important to you, Annamaria, and that your dad was a collector was music to our ears. We’re thrilled that we just may have taken some shots that end up in your families collection.
We were just delighted to be a part of it all with you. Thank you so much for including us and having us document your celebration. Congratulations to you all!

Peace & Love,

SnapHappy Photo Booth at the Dumbarton House Party

Did you already check out all the fab and fun detail and people shots from the end-of-summer party at Dumbarton House?  As we mentioned, of course, SnapHappy just had to attend, as well. Is a party really a party without a photo booth? We have our doubts.

We found some vintage inspired fabric for our backdrop and brought some fun 20’s inspired props with us. The gangster Tommy Gun was a huge hit with Bill, as well, as many of our fellow wedding pros. Ha! Not quite sure what that says about us. ;-D

Oh, and if you’re a Holland Photo Arts client and want this kind of fun from the SnapHappy photo booth at your wedding, just give us a ring!


Kimya & Brian’s SnapHappy Studio Pics

As a little sneak peek at some of the fun and shenanigans at Kimya & Brian’s recent wedding, we’re going to start off this week with some fave images from their SnapHappy Studio. Many people will bring various props, but Kimya thought it’d be fun to have a couple of white boards on which their friends could write witty sayings. And what do you know, they did! Come back tomorrow for part 1 of their wedding celebration! Oh, and if you’re a 2011 client, let us know early if you want this at your wedding – guests kinda seem to like it. ;-D

Kimya and Brian make an appearance late, late into the night, long after their friends have provided ample Facebook fodder.

Yeah, ok, time to call it a night. That’s a wrap, people!

SnapHappy Booth Photos From Cristina & Adam’s Wedding

They were livin’ it up in the SnapHappy photo booth at Cristina & Adam’s wedding! (See Part 1 and Part 2 of their blog post from last week if you missed it!) Adam’s mom brought a wide variety of fun props personalized for the couple–too bad no one used them ;-).

Are you a Holland Photo Arts client and want the booth for your wedding? Drop us a note and we’ll make it happen.