Jenn & Mike’s Wedding at Charlottesville’s Clifton Inn

Jenn & Mike’s Wedding at Charlottesville’s Clifton Inn

We could not be more delighted that Jenn & Mike’s Charlottesville wedding is our first of the season to share with you this Friday! This sweet couple tied the knot here at the UVa Chapel with a following reception marked by tearful moments and spirited dancing at the simply elegant Clifton Inn. Here are a few of our favorites from the day, and if you aren’t too full from all the amuse bouche, you can see their complete gallery here. The password is Jenn’s maiden name and is case-sensitive. Enjoy!


Venue: Clifton Inn
Planner: Kate Harlan of Simply Chic Events
Florist: Beehive Events
Make-up: Lora Elaine
Hair stylist: Bridal Hair by Remona
Band: Hot Sauce
Stationery: Taylor Street Paper and Fig. 2 Design
Calligraphy: Meant to be Calligraphy
Transportation: Albemarle Vintage Limosine
Lighting: Skyline Tent Company
Gown: Judd Waddell/Hitched

B’s Faves of A:












A’s Faves of B:












Eye candy:



















Here are a few of our favorite moments from your wedding:

The look your niece gave you as she watched you put on your tie, Mike. How Coty “presented” your shoes to you for donning, Jenn. The way, when you first saw each other, you each held your arms out identically for the other. Watching each of your moms laugh together outside the chapel just prior to your ceremony. How your dad, Mike, watched with tears in his eyes as you met your bride at the altar. Your grins! How the late afternoon light fell on and around you as you walked to your cottage for the first time as husband and wife. The unending smile on your dad’s face, Jenn, as he watched your husband toast you. The sheer and touching determination your dad showed during his toast, Mike. The way you held Mike’s face in your hands while dancing later that night, Jenn, as if to wordlessly say, “We did it!”

Indeed you did. And we were sooooo happy to have been a part of it all. Thank you and congratulations, you two!


Happy anniversary: Ben & Deena

Happy anniversary: Ben & Deena

How cool is it chatting up clients from a year ago to see how they’ve been doing and of course find out their favorite moments from their wedding that we captured for them? One year ago, DC-based Ben and Deena returned to Charlottesville, site of their alma mater at the University of Virginia, to tie the knot at the historic University’s chapel with follow-on reception at picturesque Veritas Vineyard. It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year sometimes, and we always love hearing how much fun our clients have been having over the past year, and Ben & Deena were no exception.

Ben’s favorites:

This is kind of one of Deena’s favorites too (she was terrible at picking just 2). That 20 minutes or so before the wedding party showed up for pictures was a nice relaxing break from the craziness of the day and it gave us some time to calm down and just be with each other…which is kind of the point of marriage.  This picture really sums up those 20 min.

I just think this is an awesome photo. We were a little confused as to why we had to go outside for another photo (since it was dark…and Deena was “gross” from dancing) but after seeing the result, I don’t know why we ever doubted you guys…you know, since you are professionals and everything.

[Editor’s note: Professionals, yes. Just like that valet in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off ;-)]

Deena’s favorites:

I like this picture for 2 reasons: 1) It is just a gorgeous picture!  and 2) This was taken during those precious moments of quiet that Ben and I had at Veritas, before all of our guests arrived. I don’t even think we talked very much, just enjoyed the dawning comprehension that we were there, and really married, and about to get to celebrate with everyone we love!

[Editor’s note #2: Deena, it’s one of our fave shots from your wedding as well! In fact, Veritas decided to use this among the hundreds, if not thousands, of wedding photos they had available to them to serve as the cover of their wedding guide. Congrats!]

Ok, so this picture was a little bit staged (the whole wedding party made us freeze, back up, and “stand like you were!”) but I think it’s such a great representation of the relationship I have with my dad. I guess “Dad and daughter” pictures are sort of a wedding staple, but I just love that he and I had little moments like this that happened so naturally throughout the day and were able to be captured.

[Editor’s note #3: Ok, so while we’d never, ever stage a moment (ever!), we’re not about to turn down an opportunity, nay, a command(!), presented by an adoring wedding party.]

Their joint favorites:

This is possibly our favorite picture of the bunch, and a lot of the reason why we picked Veritas as our location for the reception. We both love Charlottesville for its natural beauty, and we were really excited to have such a great picture to remember not only our wedding day, but also all of the fun times that we’ve had (and will hopefully continue to have) in the Charlottesville area over the years.

Without our knowledge, several of our close friends had decided to paint Beta Bridge for us the night before.  Ben got a sneak peak before the ceremony, but Deena didn’t see it until this moment.  There were a lot of wonderful surprises that weekend, but this was definitely one of our favorites.  We were really touched by our friends’ thoughtfulness, and apparently we missed out on quite the painting party!

Congratulations, you two!

Taylor & Rob: Happy Anniversary!

Happy Monday everyone! Today we celebrate Taylor and Rob’s first anniversary. We knew we’d have a blast with them at their wedding when we first shot their fun engagement session, and of course the day went on with such emotion. We were once again reminded of why we do what we do. Here’s what they had to say about their past year together as well as some of their favorite images from the day.

Overall, it’s hard to put into words what our first year of marriage has meant to us.  Simply put, we have loved living together and traveling together to new places like Italy, London and Spain.  However, what we’ve enjoyed most of all has been becoming a family of our own.

A true Father of the Bride moment!

We love the private nature of this moment.  The rest of the day was a lot of moments shared with others, but this moment, our First Look, was solely for us.

We’ve just taken our vows in this photo, making it one of the first shots we share as a married couple. I love how the arch way mimics the shape of my dress!

Whenever we see this picture, we always think of our future children because we look like kids in it!  

We both just love this picture, as it truly captures the sheer joy we both felt on our wedding day.

This is one of Rob’s favorite pictures.  He’s watching me get ready for the reception.

 We were not one of those bride and grooms who did not eat at their wedding.  In fact, we enjoyed every second of ours, sitting down for our entire meal, savoring our favorite wine, mingling with all our guests, and dancing the night away!  I like how this picture captures that.

As we departed for the night- headed to Italy for our Honeymoon!- we left via golf cart, since golf is a favorite hobby of ours.  This picture captures Rob accidentally running over the Father of the Bride, and it makes us laugh every time!